Any readers on active duty? Operation Mesoporntamia

I had a good friend who was serving in Iraq. The only thing he wanted in care packages was high quality pornography. He is back now, and I have piles and piles of porn, generously donated by my clients, to give away. This porn is earmarked for active duty service members who are deployed overseas in a place where you can’t get porn.

If you fit the bill, drop me a line and a care package will be sent your way.

The only restrictions are:

  1. You must be active military
  2. You must be deployed overseas somewhere in the Middle East, or headed there soon
  3. You must agree to give the porn to your fellow soldiers when you are done with it. If not, you agree to give it to some locals when you are done with it, to help show them the superiority of our way of life

When you email, please make sure the subject line reads "Operation Mesoporntamia." Please specify if you want straight, gay, or tranny content. (we don't judge, nor will we keep records of who we send it to).

6 Responses to Any readers on active duty? Operation Mesoporntamia

  1. yoshi says:

    Is it gay porn?

  2. Reading comprehension = F

  3. splifton says:

    Too bad I’m not a soldier cause free porn seems like something I’m interested in obtaining…However I like the Barely Legal Hardcore stuff…The kind you can’t get through the mail. Amputee/Octopi/or anything with 6’5″ Red Headed Asian women…

    Seriously though, don’t the soldiers have the internet on base? I recognize there may be a filter of sorts but it is the INTERNET for goodness sakes and porn is always readily available…

    I support Operation Mesoporntamia so keep of the good work. God Bless America and Larry Flynt. Amen

  4. mdlawyer says:

    Another useful thing to send servicemembers stationed in muslim countries is booze. Here’s how to do it: empty water bottles and fill with clear booze (rum or gin). Use glue to reseal the caps. Got multiple shipments thru no problem.

  5. groanan says:

    When I was in Iraq in 2003 I bought porn off the local vendors in the streets of Baghdad.
    It came on burnt cds and was of poor quality, but it sufficed (mostly European stuff from the 90s).
    I kept asking people to try to find me local porn, something Iraqi made, but none was found.

    All the soldiers I know are paralegals, if they get caught with porn (against a general order if one so existed) they could lose their MOS and end up with a crummier job.

    But I strongly support Operation Mesoporntamia, thank you for supporting troop morale.

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