Probable cause = black guy with a $50 bill

Tollbooth shot


The Flori-duh Department of Transportation has apparently been “illegally detaining” motorists who pay with large bills. The video at this link shows that tollbooth operators recorded the personal information about the people who used $20, $50, or $100 bills along with what made them so suspicious in the first place. Y’know, like being a young black male. (source)

3 Responses to Probable cause = black guy with a $50 bill

  1. Marc says:

    A $20 is a large bill these days? Isn’t it the default form of currency for anyone that’s ever used an ATM?

  2. Young black male using an ATM? Suspicious!!!!

  3. […] He also takes a shot at racial profiling (e. g., profiling by the color of the skin and the type of money used…at toll…. […]

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