This is what a hero looks like

Well, I don’t have pictures of them, but the story shows you all you need to know.

Benghazi, Libya erupted into protests against the autocratic regime of Moammar Gadaffi. In fact, reports say that the protesters are in control of the city. Gadaffi scrambled two Mirage jets and ordered them to bomb the uppity protesters.

The two pilots, Colonels in the Libyan air force, instead flew their jets to Malta and defected. (source)

This reminds me of the story of the People Power revolution, in the Philippines, when then-president Ferdinand Marcos sent helicopter gunships to destroy the rebel headquarters. Instead, they landed there and saluted Fidel Ramos, the rebel leader, and told him “sir, you have your air force.”

I’m sure at some point in American history we have had similar heroes. Right? I mean, think of the American military pilots who decided they wouldn’t bomb civilians in… umm… well, ok, think of the TSA Agents who stood up and said “Enough,” we won’t be the tools who let the government shred the Constitution anymore …. source, hmmm… find a source…

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  1. MikeZ says:

    “This reminds me of the story of the People Power revolution….” This must be where your smarter than I. When I heard the story I just got some old song from the Clash stuck in my head all day.

  2. HT says:

    Hugh Thompson Jr. at Mai Lai comes to mind.

  3. groanan says:

    I have just enough faith left in humanity to believe that at least one TSA agent has quit due to their own personal moral principles (rather than public opinion or how much the increased workload sucks).

    As far as the military is concerned, I think it is an unfair comparison.

    It is one thing to tell a soldier to fire onto a building, because there is an enemy soldier in that building, even though there are civilians as well and you would most likely kills those civilians in the process.

    It is quite another thing to tell a soldier to fly over their own homeland and kill their countrymen (rebel or not).

    • Sean F says:

      Well, one could draw comparison to the Kent State incident. Though most of the details behind it are murky.

      • You could? In that case American servile pussies fired into a crowd of unarmed teenagers. I guess you could draw a comparison, but it sure wouldn’t make us feel good about ourselves.

        • Sean F says:

          Groanan took issue with the “…think of the American military pilots who decided they wouldn’t bomb civilians in… umm… well, ok…” part of the original post because it didn’t involve attacking their own countrymen. What I meant was that Kent State was a situation in which the US military DID shoot on their own countrymen, compared to the Libyans NOT doing so.

  4. Thilo A. says:

    I read today about two more aircraft crew who ejected and let their planes crash rather than bomb Bengazi. Apparently the Libyan air force has more than its share of officers with good moral character. Applause, I say.

    • I saw that too.

      The more I read about this revolution, the more respect I have for the Libyans and the more clear it becomes that they deserve their liberty.

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