Hey Flori-duh, thanks for the $2.4 billion!

Just walk!

You know Flori-duh… the only way to get elected there is to screech about God, Guns, and Gays.

Rick Scott, the latest visionary to serve as Governor of America’s Wang, just said “no thanks” to $2.4 billion in federal funds to start Florida’s high-speed rail project. The GOP doesn’t like projects that threaten the profits of our Saudi overlords.

Republican C.C. “Doc” Dockery, former chairman of the Florida High Speed Rail Commission, told the Tampa Tribune that today was “a great day for the citizens of California, who will be getting billions of dollars that Florida didn’t want and the thousands of jobs that come with the money.”(source)

Of course, I’ll agree that high speed rail from Tampa to Orlando isn’t exactly high on the list of smart ideas. So if you take the train from Tampa to Orlando, what the hell do you do then? Walk? Not like there’s any real public transportation in either city.

Hey, go get your Irony Meter…. Dockery’s wife, Paula Dockery, represents the Lakeland area — which is otherwise known as Methlabistan. When the State of Flori-duh was ready to put in a real, working, viable commuter rail project in the Orlando area, its chief opponent was … wait for it…. Paula Dockery. (source)

As someone who escaped Flori-duh for the West… thanks for the money, Flori-duh!

2 Responses to Hey Flori-duh, thanks for the $2.4 billion!

  1. smurfy says:

    Actually I was looking forward to the Tampa-Orlando line simply because rental car rates at Orlando are so high I might be able to take the train over to Tampa, rent the car, drive back to Orlando and still save money.

  2. Supe says:

    Orlando and Tampa may not have the local public transit systems to support those who ride the proposed rail now, but if I was a savvy FL businessman I’d plan launch a taxi/bus/etc. system around the time the lines opened to try to cash in on the govt’s investment. It’s a more viable venture in Orlando given all the tourists there (hoping they don’t drive).

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