Why I chose dudeism instead of christianity

Dudeism makes way more sense.

6 Responses to Why I chose dudeism instead of christianity

  1. arizonaplatt says:

    Well, dudeism certainly SHOULD make more sense than a book written centuries ago, in an archaic language, decades after the events that it purports to describe, basing them largely on hearsay.

    If a nutty guy such as Joseph Smith could start a new religion, a first amendment attorney should have no problem. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Go for it.

    Just don’t call it “Scientology.” That name is taken.

  2. mirriam says:

    I saw the Big Lebowski for the first time last night. Don’t fuck with Jesus.

    • Your first step down the path of dudeism!

      • mirriam says:

        I ain’t much for religion these days and it’s hard to fathom (to me now) why on earth anyone with a brain is. I’m starting to believe that it really is just a weakness of will. That’s not to say I’m not going to scare the beejesus out of my kids with stories of hellfire, etc. But someday they’ll know it’s not real. Kinda like santa.

  3. Sean F. says:

    Man and woman weren’t created with original sin.
    The original sin was eating from the tree of knowledge.

    Just sayin’

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