I hereby forsake Atheism

I’m sorry if this throws you all for a loop. I realize that my hostility to religion is a bit of a cornerstone of the Legal Satyricon. But, well, Randazza abides…

13 Responses to I hereby forsake Atheism

  1. In Dude We Trust, hehehe.

  2. John David Galt says:

    So tell us: have you chosen your new god(s) yet?

  3. Justin T. says:

    That’s like saying “I renounce my lack of belief in unicorns,” dude.

  4. Peter Pants. says:

    @Justin T.

    What the hell is with you and people like you always tossing unicorns about?

    Only the totaly ignorant can only be so absolutely sure, which makes the only thing absolutely sure is that they are totaly ignorant. You made the club.

  5. onanyes says:

    Does the latter day dude church make you wear magic underwear?

  6. quizibuk says:

    Say what you will about the tenets of latter-day-dudeism, at least its an ethos.

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