Captain Honors Update

A reader wrote this persuasive comment to my post on Captain Honors:

The XO of a US aircraft carrier needs to be more than a sphynx, he must be an absolute, unquestionable authority at all times. The XO is going to be the guy who gives the order to seal the hatch on flooding compartment which will guarantee your buddies on the other side will die. Such an order must be followed immediately and without hesitation for the survivability of the ship; you do not want sailors doubting the seriousness of anything coming from the CO or XO at any time, ever. There are crucial moments on these ships, and the Big E has had many sailors die, but when lives were on the line (she has had several deadly accidents and fires) the chain of command is inviolate due to the unwavering respect for the senior officers. The Enterprise carries nuclear-capable aircraft and nuclear weapons. The orders to release nuclear weapons must come from both CO and XO, so neither one of those guys should ever be seen as a friend you can joke around with and have a drink or two.

I do not see any issue with the content of the videos. It was a fucking joke, for fuck sakes. However, those are jokes that cannot be told by the XO whose voice follows the Captain for the release of nuclear weapons or who may legitimately order sailors to sacrifice their lives or the lives of their shipmates to save their ship. Captain Honors exhibited poor judgment that could harm the unquestionable respect for the chain of command.

I believe his dismissal is the appropriate remedy. I also believe criticism of the content of the video to be whiny petty ass bullshit.

I am persuaded by this comment that my initial call to “Honor” Captain Honors was misguided. While I support him because he is the victim of politically correct bullshit, I won’t say to “honor,” him in light of this persuasive argument.

Thanks, Chad.

4 Responses to Captain Honors Update

  1. Patrick says:

    This situation reminds me of Judge Kozinski’s problem two years ago. I admire Judge Kozinski, and think he was the victim of a witch hunt by enemies of American liberty, but had wonder what the hell he was thinking, given his position?

    I’m glad Kozinski kept his job, but can understand the Navy’s action in this case.

  2. evrenseven says:

    This was also the first thing I thought. It was very similar in my mind to McChrystal making fun of Biden and Obama to Rolling Stone. We trust these guys with trillion dollar budgets and we’re told they’re the last line of defense before my girlfriend is forced to wear a burqa and we’re all going to be facing mecca 5 times a day at gunpoint; then we see shit like this that reminds us that the military is generally composed of jack offs who couldn’t hack real life so they need to live off gubmit cheese for the rest of their lives.

    This guy’s swift dismissal made me backtrack on that thought a bit, but I’d rather that the reasoning was closer to Chad’s reasoning than the offensive nature of the jokes.

  3. yoshi says:

    I work for and with military guys. They are the least politically correct people I know. However – when push comes to shove – ‘leadership’ has to be respected. What this Captain did clearly crossed a line.

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