Your homeland security dollars at work

The Center for Investigative Reporting gives us this glimpse into our war on terror:

Soon after hijackers obliterated the World Trade Center towers eight years ago, Marin County received more than $100,000 in surveillance equipment to keep its water treatment system safe from a terrorist attack.

But four years after the funds were awarded, state authorities found more than $67,000 worth of the gear still boxed in its original packaging.

It had never been used.

It gets worse — read the whole article here.

H/T: Rogier van Bakel

2 Responses to Your homeland security dollars at work

  1. sfgiants says:

    Compare these minor “scams” to India scams and feel grateful.

    More than 10 billion dollars was lost in this scam. I guess the issue you’ve presented here is pretty critical as well, even though its a smaller scale, but if you think of it, it was a f*cking retarded investment. Marin County Protection? You’ve got the coast guard at your doorstep

  2. andrews says:

    The use of some millions by San Francisco to crack down on anti-war protesters is probably more obnoxious than the simple waste of buying unused toys.

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