Welcome to the Satyriconroll

Look what Zac "found"

Look what Zac 'found'

I would like to welcome some new authors to the SatyriconRoll.

  1. Shit!!! Planet!!! Authored by the pseudonymous Metasonix, whose blogger profile lists one interest: “ABUSING YOU. He’s not all that abusive to us though. Well, he hates Charles Platt, but as I’ve often said, my admiration for people has little to do with how much I agree with them. Keep shitting, Metasonix, keep on shitting.
  2. Not Guilty. Authored by Mirriam Seddiq, who I have dubbed “Ms. Awesome.” The very definition of a female Alpha. Mom of twin boys, who I predict are going to be the coolest fuckers in history once they get to college. She thinks that I’m “fancy” because I don’t ever find myself at the jail on weekends, and she doesn’t mean that as a compliment. Although how much I agree with someone has nothing to do with how I feel about them, I completely agree with most of Seddiq’s views, and I absolutely love her writing.
  3. In Mala Fide. Ferdinand Bardamu is apparently the only person in the world (aside from DeVoy) who thinks that Helmut Seifert did the right thing. Bardamu says, “My advice to men looking for youthful quim who don’t want to lose their balls? Stick to girls with absent or inattentive dads. There’s nothing wrong with breaking something that’s already broken.”
  4. The Spearhead. The Spearhead documents and resists the pussification of America. Required reading for any Alpha.
  5. Crime & Federalism. No tolerance for bullshit, and not afraid to take on his natural allies. C&F is a major sleeper that should be getting more link love in the future.

When announcing new additions to the Roll, I like to also share my methodology:

  1. How useful is your blawg? If I think it is a worthwhile resource, that gives you some points.
  2. How pertinent is it to my subject matter? Even the greatest workers compensation blawg of all time will probably not make the Roll, because I just don’t give a fuck about work comp law.
  3. Do I regularly read your blawg? If I don’t read you, I probably won’t recommend that others do.
  4. Do I think that others should? Duh.
  5. Do you share the love? While I don’t believe in quid pro quo as a controlling factor, it comes into play. Some on the Roll have never linked to me, but they get so much juice from the other categories that I can’t help but link to them. On the other hand, there are other blawgs and blogs out there that link to me obsessively — but the other criteria are just not there. No offense to them at all, but the Legal Satyricon is a bit ADD as it is. I need to try and keep some focus.
  6. The dormant share the love clause I have had a few blawgs purged from the roll for failing to share the love. If I link to a blawg a lot, and never get so much as a wink back, it bugs me. When I can tell that someone isn’t respecting the “hat tip” protocol, I lose interest in promoting and recommending them.
  7. Do you work at it? I loved Quizlaw. I found Mass Law Blog useful. No updates for three months gives me the impression that they are abandoned. I want to keep the roll short.

9 Responses to Welcome to the Satyriconroll

  1. shg says:

    Crime & Federalism has been around for about 8 years, one of the earliest crimlaw blogs around. I’ve linked to him, oh, about 100 times. And now you’ve discovered Mike? You need to get out more.

  2. You’re like the guy who gets all bitchy at college kids when they discover The Modern Lovers — like they had some moral imperative to be Jonathan Richman fans in the womb.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey, man, thanks for the permalink and kind words.

  4. picklefactory says:

    The Spearhead are a bunch of butt-hurt crybabies.

    I loved that front-page piece. Shorter Spearhead: Woman are dumber and weaker than men, so all the women in the military should just be whores.

    Or the comment from one of the writers on the “Don’t marry women because they expect things from you” article:

    Ah, women. Every time I turn around, they’ve gotten worse.

    “Some women hate men, so we’ll respond to that by hating women!” Sounds counterproductive to me.

  5. metasonix says:

    Gosh……what did I do to deserve this? Was it because I told Turley about that notorious brief of yours? :)

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