First Amendment Alert! Author arrested for writing a book

Please can't global warming melt the ice caps a little faster?

I’m the first to admit that Phillip Greaves is not the most sympathetic figure in America. Greaves wrote “The Pedophile’s Guide,” which was originally for sale on before the online retailer bowed to public pressure and pulled the book from its online shelves.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with that.

But, I have a big problem with today’s developments. The Orlando Sentinel reports that Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd had Mr. Greaves arrested in Pueblo, Colorado on obscenity charges.

Lets remember that Grady Judd’s jurisdiction is home to meth labs, cops who diddle children, and (given the inbred nature of its residents) a pretty high incest rate.

Despite the “real crime” in his jurisdiction, Judd instructed his detectives to
request an autographed copy of the book. Mr. Greaves obliged and Judd used that as his justification for having Greaves indicted on obscenity charges in his little caliphate of inbred-methistan.

Greaves told ABC News last month he wasn’t trying to promote pedophilia and was not himself a pedophile: “I’m not saying I want them around children, I’m saying if they’re there, that’s how I want them to [behave].” (source)

The implications of this arrest should outrage you far more than any child molestation incident. That is not to minimize child molestation, nor is it me just trying to be provocative. If a child gets molested, our republic stands. If petty little white-trash sheriffs like Grady Judd can find a book they don’t like and have the author hauled off to jail for it, the First Amendment means nothing. Judd’s offense is compounded by the fact that Mr. Greaves does not live in Florida and has no connection to bibleburg Polk County except that he mailed a book there, at the express request of a law enforcement officer who was clearly trying to manufacture jurisdiction.

Judd made his disdain for the constitution abundantly clear.

Judd said he was frustrated that Greaves’ book was protected under freedom of speech laws, even though it was created “specifically to teach people how to sexually molest and rape children.”

“There may be nothing that the other 49 states can do, but there is something that the state of Florida can do … to make sure we prosecute Philip Greaves for his manifesto,” Judd said. (source)

I hope that Mr. Greaves can afford a spirited defense to his extradition. If he winds up having to face these charges in Polk County, I can’t imagine his defense lawyers being able to find jurors with the intellect or the ethics to stand up for the First Amendment. Naturally, I would imagine that a conviction will be overturned on appeal – but only after he spends a significant amount of time in jail awaiting that happy day.

And in the meantime, your Constitution will sit in that jail cell with him.

Anyone who is inclined to lack sympathy for Mr. Greaves should set that aside. I don’t ask you to care about Mr. Greaves. I ask you to care about your constitution. I ask you to realize what his happening in this case.

This is the same pig who locked up Chris Wilson for publishing photos sent to him by U.S. troops in Iraq. This is the same backward jurisdiction where a guy who said “shit” because he was going to jail got 179 days for that transgression. This is where a guy who took photos of consenting adults, at their request, for their own personal use, was pursued relentlessly for obscenity charges. This jurisdiction saw a 15 year old arrested for farting. Another kid was arrested for taking photos of a traffic light. Before all that, when an adult entertainment performer called the cops because she was being stalked, she wound being charged with obscenity.

Just like censorship minded swine from Anthony Comstock to Katherine MacKinnon, Grady Judd is obsessed with the power that comes from wielding the censor’s cane.

And if we let him get away with it, we all lose something precious.

When, and if, I find out who is defending Mr. Greaves, I will post a follow up with information on how to donate to his legal defense fund.

25 Responses to First Amendment Alert! Author arrested for writing a book

  1. Clint says:

    That cop sounds like a grade-A douchenozzle.

  2. tool says:

    that guy needs to suck on a bag of dicks

  3. Tim says:

    Apparently Judd thinks that Florida is immune to the Constitution:

    “There may be nothing that the other 49 states can do, but there is something that the state of Florida can do … to make sure we prosecute Philip Greaves for his manifesto,” Judd said.


    Query: Why can’t the other 49 states do anything about this? Supremacy clause anyone?

  4. Justin T. says:

    For what it’s worth, you can still by the Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure on Amazon.

    • Charles Platt says:

      The bogus link is not funny and not at all helpful.

      • Maybe it was not helpful, but you have to admit that it was funny.

        • Charles Platt says:

          No I don’t think so. “Priest” has become one of those hot-button words that stand-up comedians use when they don’t have much original material.

          I really want to read the book. How can I reach an opinion about it, without reading it? Anyone know of a source that still has it? Amazon for-sure does not.

          • Justin T. says:

            All dogging on the Catholic rapery aside, I seriously doubt you’re gonna be able to find an online bookseller that’s willing to stock said book openly, especially after this kind of negative publicity. Your best bet is probably Craigslist or some sort of other secondary market. I’m sure someone on Usenet has a copy. Check the IRC channels.

            • Charles Platt says:

              You’re right but I forgot how to use IRC years ago. I’m heading to NY tomorrow; I’ll ask for it at The Strand! A nice clean cash purchase, no paper trail…

  5. Charles Platt says:

    If Grady Judd follows the grand tradition of others like him, he probably went after Greaves without actually reading the book.

  6. JP says:

    You’re assuming Grady Judd can read.

  7. craig says:

    Let me offer this disclaimer. I am not a pedophile. I am in no way interested in kids, or in reading this douchebag’s book. That said, I have to imagine that if I were to write a book about how to molest a kid, I would probably suggest that you make it like a game. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Don’t worry Johnny, I am going to touch your penis now, but it is a fun game of (fill in the blank)” Any chance that such a brilliant nugget was included in this book?

    If something similar was said, could we use this logic to prosecute the people currently in charge of the TSA? Seems like they have been offering suggestions of how to molest unwilling kids a lot lately.

  8. Charles Platt says:

    I realize you’re conducting a thought experiment only, but so far as I can tell, that’s not what the book was about. (Just for the record.)

    This is why I want to read a copy. Gets frustrating when everyone is discussing something that no one has been able to read. I guess I’ll try eBay. But I have a feeling that if a copy is advertised, either it will be from a cop doing a sting operation, or it will be hideously expensive.

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  10. Chris K. says:

    Hopefully Judd will be swinging from a lightpost by the end of the year.


  11. ORPO1 says:

    Whether I like the book or not, it is protected under the first amendment.
    This does illustrate the manner in which selected law enforcement officials take the entire system into their hands. After all, they know better, don’t they? Yeah. Right.
    Public ostracizing and not buying the book is the best way to get the point across. Period.

  12. Skibicki says:

    Drug use is not a crime. Please take liberty out of the site title until you understand that.

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  14. Attila says:

    Wow, with all the laws we have, one still finds a way to slip around them to write a book like this to further fuel “could be” pedo’s to certainly “would be” pedo’s.

    Authors (people) like this need be brought out to the desert (where a hole is already dug) and left for dead. Children are delicate little people who don’t need to be traumatized or scarred for life cause some pedo touched him a certain way which they learned from a book.

  15. arizonaplatt says:

    Legislators have suggested that we should sacrifice almost any freedom in the interest of “protecting the children.” Apparently you have accepted this argument.

  16. ORPO1 says:

    But then again, there is something to be said for a Vigilance Committee.

  17. quizibuk says:


    If i don’t like the idea of something, it should be banned by law from being practiced, then banned by law from being spoken of, and when we get thought reading technology it should be banned by law from being thought of.

    Then eventually all the undesirable rabble will be good boys and girls like my children.

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