Yale Law Journal Logo

By J. DeVoy

Let’s see, a crocodile (or alligator) and what appear to be croquet wickets.  Are we sure it’s not just a glorified Lacoste ad?

One Response to Yale Law Journal Logo

  1. GPK says:

    Are you friggin’ kiddin’. When you were a kid I bet you identified the stick with which you daddy beat you as just a branch off the backyard tree. Kid – that branch was a “whippin’ stick.” The logo features an alligator, a whippet, and no, those are not cricket goals. They are heavy duty staples used to attach electric wire to studs throughout your house.

    See, the alligator (representing the Harvard Law Review) eats the whippet (representing the Chicago Law Review). The dog’s owner comes around and finds his dog consumed by the reptilian beast. The owner (the unseen hand of the Yale Law Review a/k/a Skull and Bones) slays the alligator and uses the heavy duty staples to attach the alligator’s carcas to a pole in the ground. The impaled alligator becomes a symbol to all other Law Reviews not to fuck around with Yale.

    Geez, can’t you see anything?

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