Google to Internet Users: “All Your Angry Comments Are Belong to Us”

by Jason Fischer

Google, allegedly in an effort to improve the civility of user comments, has determined that the “caps lock” key should not be a part of laptops that will be made to support its forthcoming operating system.  (source)

5 Responses to Google to Internet Users: “All Your Angry Comments Are Belong to Us”

  1. Justin T. says:

    This seems weird, but is anyone really going to miss the caps lock key?

    • Jay says:

      Yes. Case captions are nearly entirely capitalized.
      Many titles of articles and documents for students, doctors, journalists, etc., are also capitalized. This will be a pain.

      • Justin T. says:

        I thought about the case captions, but if you’re using MS Word you can just use the Change Case function on any text.

        • ScottC says:

          Agree. Never liked caps lock anyway. Wish it worked just like bold, underline, etc. Would be much easier to copy something then turn it off. Which you can do if the font is set to all caps. There’s probably a shortcut key or easy macro to apply that but I’m too lazy to look it up.

  2. Dan says:

    I disable caps lock on every computer I can. it’s right there in the wrong place just so it gets enabled for nothing.
    Anyone with long fingers will rejoice.


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