Lamebook, We Support You!

by Jason Fischer

lamebookI know this story is already a couple of days old, but we think it’s still worth reporting on.  For anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on, Facebook has been on a tear recently trying to flex its trademark muscles, suing and threatening to sue pretty much anyone who uses the word “book” in their name.  Well Lamebook, a site dedicated to poking fun at the oft times unintentional hilarity that appears on Facebook, has decided that its not going to be bullied.  On November 4, after receiving threats of litigation from the social networking giant, Lamebook filed a declaratory judgement action in Texas, asserting the collective First Amendment rights of its creators and users… and for that, we thank you (and donated a few bucks to your legal fund).

Keep fighting the good fight, Lamebook, so you can continue to remind us how funny ignorance can be.


3 Responses to Lamebook, We Support You!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love Lamebook. My favorite is that one post that makes that one person sound really ignorant and stupid.

    Oh wait, they all do that.

  2. […] in particular is planning to stand up to the bullying tactics, a cause for celebration according to one legal commentator who believes in the importance of being reminded how funny ignorance can […]

  3. Amazing, isn’t it? Facebook sues anybody who uses “book” in their URL and then turns around and shimmy-shimmies at the PTO and gets preliminary approval to trademark the word “face.” Can’t say “face” and get sued if you say “book”? Nice result.

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