Christine O’Donnell: “I’m not a witch!”

By J. DeVoy

She could have made this ad two seconds long.  In fact, it would have been better if she had.

Other things that could have been better if stopped short: Avatar – which I have not seen – but would have been a great film if it ended after the military killed the aliens’ ridiculous home-tree.

7 Responses to Christine O’Donnell: “I’m not a witch!”

  1. Justin T. says:

    Do you also think foods you’ve never tried would taste better with less salt?

    • evrenseven says:

      Classic conservative ideology: I don’t know about it, I don’t understand it, therefore I don’t like it.

      However, I would have really wanted to see O’Donnell in the senate. My god that would have been hilarious.

      • J DeVoy says:

        It’s really more of an “every other James Cameron film I’ve ever seen has sucked; why would this one be better” ethos. On the contrary, how many liberals who “hate” Limbaugh et al have read his books? I thought the latest episode of Family Guy nicely summarized this phenomenon. Also, I consider myself more or less apolitical.

        But, agreed.

        • Justin T. says:

          Dude, Terminator is a hard movie. Every other James Cameron movie can generally suck a dick, but Terminator is hard.

          • Sean F. says:

            T2 is hard. T1’s only contribution to film was that it made T2 possible.

            Otherwise I agree. Cameron is completely overrated.

  2. McKingford says:

    See, the problem is not that O’Donnell may have had insane views about sky fairies (although it appears she still does – just about different sky fairies). The problem is that she, and the political movement behind her, thinks that there are easy solutions to everything…and worse, that *anyone* can do the job. Well, the fact is, being a US Senator is one of the most powerful positions in the world. It shouldn’t be a job that can be done by anyone, or, “just like you”.

  3. herbiethelovebug says:

    You’re not me, Christine! My cooch don’t stink!

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