Wisconsin, Diploma Privilege FTW

The Wisconsin Supreme Court unanimously upheld the state’s “diploma privilege” granted to graduates of the University of Wisconsin and Marquette law schools. (source) For those of you not in the know, if you graduate from UW or Marquette, you don’t need to take the Wisconsin Bar exam: Just pass character and fitness after avoiding the very bottom of your class while taking a few classes you’d want under your belt anyway – criminal procedure, administrative law, advanced constitutional law and the like – and BING! You’re a member of the Wisconsin Bar.

I have taken three bar exams. I can tell you with all honesty that each bar exam was progressively more convincing evidence of the uselessness of the entire process. I recently hired an attorney to work for me who was admitted by diploma privilege, and the guy was able to start getting admitted Pro Hac Vice and kicking ass within a month of getting his diploma. (Take a bow, DeVoy). So, if I can do this and pass the California Bar, then really, what use is it?

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  1. yoshi says:

    Perhaps DeVoy should of taken a few more science classes while at UW or Marquette?

  2. splifton says:

    Everyone knows that the REAL “UW” is the University of Washington. University of Wisconsin is for bush league crystal meth heads not smart enough to come to the Pacific Northwest. (Obviously Mr. DeVoy must have had completely different reasons for attending UWis, possibly the proximity to the Casbah Hookah Bar in downtown Madison?)

    The Supreme Court today demonstrated its affinity for the PAC-Ten conference when they decided who is the REAL “USC”, by the transitive property they have also concluded that UW will be reserved for Washingtonians.

  3. Justin T. says:

    I myself got my ass handed to me (presumably) by the July Texas bar exam, so I envy Mr. DeVoy and his Wisconsin colleagues. New Hampshire also has bar exam-free licensure for certain graduates.

    • J DeVoy says:

      I took a bar exam too, and it was as brutal as you describe.

    • David says:

      It’s not quite that easy for those graduates. They had basically their law school curriculum chosen for them except for a few classes (though they got to take some nice exclusive classes that were only for them.

      Also, not every student got to do it, the program is limited to I believe 15 or 20 students. There is an interview process and one professor basically got to select you. It really isn’t grade dependent or anything of that nature though I think you got a leg up if you’re female, “non-traditional,” or if you lied said you wanted to remain in NH following law school.

      Not a slight to those who graduated through the program at all, just the selection process.

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