Thank W.F. Price

By J. DeVoy

Programming note: I’ve recently become a contributor for  the men’s rights publication The Spearhead.  While The Legal Satyricon will remain my primary focus, a few times a month I’ll be gracing them with some of my more, uh, “unique” social commentary.  In contrast, my rants here will be more focused on legal matters like the scourge of filial support laws.  (Don’t we have enough young-to-old value transference in this country on the federal level?)

My first post, about online anonymity, is up here.

2 Responses to Thank W.F. Price

  1. Mark Kernes says:

    Gosh, I hadn’t realized men were so downtrodden in today’s society. Who knew?

    • J DeVoy says:

      I don’t buy the whole agenda hook, line and sinker, but I think men have certain risks and liabilities that aren’t well-advertised. For example, in many states you cannot rebut the presumption of fatherhood once your name is on a child’s birth certificate – even with a DNA test! An extreme example for sure, but something very few people pay attention to despite its life-ruining consequences.

      Knowledge is power. If I can provide answers to questions I’m interested in while helping others, it seems like I should.

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