In Savannah we ask and we tell

By Tatiana von Tauber

It’s terribly difficult seeing the truth that sits before me.  In the #2 spot for romance and weddings in the U.S., love on the whole seems to be elusive rather than understood.


WJCL - FOX28 Savannah News

“The City of Savannah is considering extending benefits to same-sex couples.  Do you think the extension is a good idea?”

Yes: 21.1 %

No: 68.4 %

Not sure: 10.5%  (source)

Sorry to disappoint you Lady Gaga.

4 Responses to In Savannah we ask and we tell

  1. thebigpow says:

    here in Massachusetts same sex couples can already do so. It’s ridiculous that people is still discussing this though, in the Netherlands it’s been legal since 2001. I am not lesbian, but I can certainly recognize that those guys are already living in the future and have been doing so for some time now… or is it that everyone else is still in the past??
    Nice website,

  2. Tatiana says:

    For many, the past is extremely difficult to let go. It’s all emotional baggage.

  3. evrenseven says:

    Tatiana, the answer is very simple. People are scared for their future, scared for their childrens’ future, they’re unemployed, have an unemployed family member or are near unemployment, the house is underwater, etc. etc. etc. They don’t understand how this happened or why; all they know is there’s some Kenyan muslim who’s president and the disgusting homos are touching each other, so it must be their fault.

    Debating supply side/ demand side tax structures is beyond the grasp of the average american… but OMG THEIR DICKS ARE TOUCHING! is very well within the grasp, so they cling to whatever they can to get angry at. Gays are and always will be an easy target, especially in a place like Savannah.

  4. Tatiana says:

    Nice comment, evrenseven. Very true. It is that simple and I do forget. Thanks for the reminder.

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