CNN: Most young christians are actually massive hypocrites

By J. DeVoy

CNN has a story about the hollowness of youth spirituality that is not terribly surprising, but affirming in some aspects.

The Pros: CNN notes that most young Christians are callow and spineless, claiming to believe in their religion while doing all the drugs, partaking in the materialism, and having all the premarital sex and children that their professed faith forbids. [Ed.’s note — we’re very much in favor of all of these things at the Legal Satyricon, but we’re also not running a cult bent on limiting its followers’ personal freedom.]  By latching onto the “we’re all sinners” meme, young Christians use God and fellow fallible believers as a rationalization tool for their choices; additionally, the strength in numbers of many Christians using God as an excuse for their behavior has an “esteemsters” effect, allowing individuals to justify the cognitive dissonance between their beliefs and their actions because everybody else is doing it, boosting individual and group self esteem.

The Cons: The article’s subject believes that the way to overcome this is by inspiring deeper, more passionate faith in young people.  If only they took their faith more seriously, they wouldn’t sin as they do.

Well, .500 is pretty good in baseball.

To wit: The last name of the girl pictured in the CNN piece is “Havard.” Prestigious?

9 Responses to CNN: Most young christians are actually massive hypocrites

  1. evrenseven says:

    All religious people are hypocrites. Who are the *only* people who are not? The Westboro Baptist Church. They are the ONLY christian church who follow the actual teachings of the Bible. Matt and I exchanged a few emails about this last year, and he offered me to write a post about it, but I’m a fat lazy piece of shit.

    But the thesis is that the main characters in the WBC are lawyers, and somewhere along the way there was a short circuit in Fred Phelps’ brain and he lost it. He used to be a pioneer civil rights attorney who helped enforce Brown v. Board across Kansas and the midwest.

    In any event, go to their website and read their doctrine. Basically, they read the bible the way a lawyer would read a statute… and they follow it *exactly*. I won’t get into it here, but as you read it, you’ll find that their dogma actually makes perfect sense when the bible is assumed to be the whole true word of god.

    • Robert C says:

      To be fair, most people are hypocrites about something, whether they’re religious or not.

    • Vincent Clement says:

      Which version of the bible would that be?

      Also don’t you mean “they read the bible the way ONE lawyer would read a statute” since last time I was in a court of any kind, each lawyer had their own interpretation of the statutes?

      • evrenseven says:

        yeah, true, but at least they stay consistent with one belief system throughout the document. (otherwise you’re risking a Rule 11 violation)

    • BL1Y says:

      Forgot that the only religions are Judeo-Christian ones. I’ll go hang up my pointy Deist cap now.

  2. BL1Y says:

    You could write this article about young feminists and come to the same conclusion.

    • J DeVoy says:

      Agreed. But CNN wouldn’t touch that; religion and its adherents collectively are a safe enough golden calf for bashing in the tepid news mainstream.

      *bash bash*

    • Jim says:

      Not true since everything they do is empowering grrrl power against the forces of patriarchy so any apparent contradiction or hypocrisy is your fault because you hate womyn.

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