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Back in April, the Iowa Supreme Court issued an inspiring ruling, which struck down Iowa’s ban on same sex marriage. (earlier post). Whether you give a shit if gays get married or not, the court’s decision was well-reasoned and upheld the principle that “equal” means “equal.”

In response, Bob Vander Plaats, a Republican candidate for Iowa Governor called for an “executive order” overturning the decision. We mocked him in this post.

Now Vander Plaats is at it again – trying to organize a campaign to remove the justices from the Iowa Supreme Court in their next retention election. (source) Of course, this is part of the democratic process, and he has a right to campaign to remove the justices from the court.

But, if justices are removed from a state supreme court for supporting civil rights for one minority group, that will be one of the ugliest days in American history.

He is well funded, apparently enough that he has six full time employees working on his little witch hunt. I don’t know of any organized resistance to Vander Plaats’ efforts. If anyone out there knows of one, please put their info in the comments.

5 Responses to Support the Iowa Supreme Court

  1. evrenseven says:

    Do you really believe that one should have a right to remove justices through a democratic process? Save for impeachment, Judges should be totally immune to the democratic process. That’s the whole point of judges! I can see not having lifetime appointments, or reconfirmation ever X number of years in the state legislature, but direct election of judges is a mockery of the separation of powers. Why even have a judiciary if they’re just open to the whims of the electorate? They exist to make sometimes unpopular decisions.

    • I have not contemplated it enough to take a position on it — the merit retention votes for judges. My “out of my ass” take on it is that the process is worthless, as it usually only removes judges when they piss off a radical element of the electorate, because unless you’re jacked up about God, Guns, or Gays, you’re usually not likely to even bother to vote on a judge retention ballot.

      But, as the law now stands in Iowa, the man has a right to organize this campaign.

      Accordingly, you and me worrying about whether this should be allowed or not is an interesting conversation, but I’m much more interested in directly confronting this fuckhead’s efforts.

  2. I don’t know of anything yet, but I’ll post the d-bags story in a couple of places and find out.

    Freak show…

  3. Scott Key says:

    It’s all part of what appears to me to be a national trend. The independence of the judiciary is in jeopardy. Here in Georgia, the majority in control of the governor’s office and the legislature is asserting its will the the power of the purse. In Iowa, at least you can see it for what it is.

    I wonder if they’ve stopped teaching civics, government, and American history in schools.

  4. Well, i agree that this is would be a new low. But in a way it would be funny to see a new set of judges make a similar ruling. Just sit there wearing a rain suit and goggles and wait for their head to explode.

    And the law community, lawyers and judges and law schools, in Iowa needs to speak up and slap this guy down, hard.

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