Rapidshare Cries about Intellectual Property Rights

Now this is sorta funny. Rapidshare whining about someone violating its intellectual property rights. See RapidShare AG , Christian Schmid v. N/A Maxim Tvortsov WIPO Case No. D2010-0696 (June 22, 2010). Rapidshare lost. When you lose a trademark infringement case to an unrepresented Russian who doesn’t even respond to the complaint, that’s a sign that you have shit-ass karma or shit-ass lawyers.

H/T: Defend My Domain Blog

5 Responses to Rapidshare Cries about Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Megan L. says:

    Considering it’s Rapidshare, I’ll take Karma for $500, Alex.

  2. David Eoll says:

    Or it may just be a sign that you have no case. I’m not involved in the legal profession at all, and yet I’ve actually heard of Greenberg Traurig. So, I’m assuming they’re kind of a big deal. But, then again, pursuing an obviously hopeless case on your client’s dime is kind of a shit-ass thing to do. So…

    • ScottC says:

      Sometimes you advise your client that an argument will not win the day and you are told to make it anyway.

  3. You can’t really judge a whole firm the size of Greenberg Traurig with a blanket statement about their lawyers.

    Some fantastic lawyers work for Greenberg Traurig. By that I mean they have talented, creative, intelligent, and incredibly principled lawyers. I have been proud to call some of them my friends, and I have been proud to call others my co-counsel on important cases.

    However, Greenberg also has some very shit-ass lawyers on its payroll. I’ve seen some GT lawyers pull stupid, unethical, and unprincipled shit.

    On balance, I’d say that GT is probably 75% good lawyers and 25% obnoxious douchebags. This case must have been filed by someone in the 25% minority.

  4. Mike says:

    Tens of thousands of sites start with the word “rapid”. Does Rapidshare claim to somehow have the rights to all of them? It’s ridiculous in the extreme, just like BSkyB trying to shut down Skype because it contains the word “sky”.

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