“White Collar Trash”

JD Hull’s “What About Clients?” blog could kick Chuck Norris’ ass. Evidence: Read this little passage he writes about law professor Peter Friedman.

This man can help you. He deferred teaching full-time until after more than, say, an 18-month law prof-law firm stint before joining the ranks of a group that, in recent years, has screwed the pooch badly on the education of students. Which has been a living hell and nightmare for our law firm. (source)

I think that Dan and I might have come from the same litter. See The Worthlessness of Legal Education.

Dan then swoops in with this roundhouse kick to the face

At a minimum, I’d like American law schools to help my firm defray some of the costs of recruiting, developing and paying the delusional and alarmingly helpless young white collar trash, almost always Coif and Law Review stock, who we have fired or–with mixed feelings of relief and self-loathing–have wathced quit our firm since 2005. (source)

Preach on brother.

5 Responses to “White Collar Trash”

  1. We are honored, sir. If you believe in telepathy, Dan mentioned yesterday it’s time for lunch again with Marc. Really. Say, why are you awake?

    • I would love to do lunch! And I am an EARLY riser. I live on the West Coast, but I work on East Coast time.

      Well that and I had really spicy Indian food and iced coffee for dinner.

  2. Hull says:

    Dude–Glad I checked in. Peter Friedman Himself (“we are not worthy”) and not Holden (Holden, you’re fired again) told me about your link/post.

    You write like Hemingway with a big-ass gun in one hand and some high-grade crank in the other. Wonderful. And you make war along with us against Tubbies, Profs, Teacups, Generic Dweebs and other assorted Looters. Buddies for life, I think.

    How about next Tuesday or Wednesday? I am in SD for most of summer. In Fall I take off for points way east. So next week? Let me know. Dan

  3. Hull says:

    PS You had spicy food when we met and had lunch earlier this year. The Indian place in Hillcrest. Some Irish advice: Drink lots of beer with it. And then when you wake up.

  4. PraetoR says:

    I am a Czech law school graduate; I met an American, who was studying political science and came to CR for one year exchange. He told me he plans to be lawyer, so after obtaining the (bachelor) degree from political science he will go for 2 years to a law school. Even with all the differences between common law and continental law, I was at the time in 5 yers long master program, which most students accomplish only after 6-7 years. The vision of the young American becomming law school graduate after mere 2 years amazes me up today.

    I was trying to find out (from wikipedia), whether this 2 years would be some kind of inferior law education (meaning that there exist some “full” law degree, which takes more than 2 years to complete), however I haven’t figured it out yet. How is it, please?

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