Dipshit Dines and her MacKinnonite Crusade

Sound the alarm! The pornographers are coming to get us. Or so says the ever-hysterical Gail Dines in a recent Boston Globe article about her latest book.

To Dines, it is not coincidental that pornography has grown increasingly brutal in its treatment of women as the likes of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan have underscored the real-world gains of women in the fields of politics, law, business, and medicine. Among other things, she says, “Pornography is a backlash against women’s advancement.’’ (source)

Yeah, that’s it. The moment that I heard about Elena Kagan’s nomination, I just had this incredible desire to jack off watching Belladonna suck dick. I mean, how else is a real man to react to this uppity behavior?

Dines tries to make her quest seem like mere criticism and education, but she has a control-freak’s sinister side.

Having viewed countless images as part of her research, Dines says there should be legislation that would define pornography as a violation of women’s civil rights and would entitle women to sue the industry for harm done to them. (source)

And it would all of a sudden make her research actually relevant and useful to a tribe of worthless lawyers who went from graduating from a womens’ studies program to law school to stewing in their own bitterness that nobody wants to pay them $200,000 per year to whine about how much they hate men.

Arguments like this have earned her — along with threats, hate mail, and vitriolic broadsides from the pornography industry — the inevitable accusation that she favors censorship (Dines says she does not) and that she is an anti-sex prude. At that, she just rolls her eyes.

“If I was criticizing McDonald’s, you wouldn’t accuse me of being against eating,’’ she says. “I’m against the commodification and industrialization of a human desire. I’m not against sex. Pornography does not equal sex, and sex does not equal pornography.’’ (source)

If she wants to criticize pornography, I’m all for it. She doesn’t just want to criticize it though. She wants to smear her grubby nasty hands all over our laws so that they fit her Victorian / Comstockian social agenda. If she was criticizing McDonalds, nobody would care. If she came up with her own diet program and wanted the government to help her take away your choice of what you got to eat for lunch — then THAT would be an accurate analogy.

7 Responses to Dipshit Dines and her MacKinnonite Crusade

  1. LB SUTTER says:

    Dines calls for legislation that would define pornography as harm and provide a civil remedy. Guess all her research didn’t turn up the fact that such legislation, written by MacKinnon. was passed in Indianapolis and declared unconstitutional by all fourteen federal judges who reviewed it, including a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court.

  2. Charles Platt says:

    Well if she’s looking for causes of S&M male-dom porn I think it all started in the 1970s as backlash against “women’s lib.” The conclusion is obvious. Strip women of their equal status and return them to a servile role, and we will have no further problem.

  3. Mark Kernes says:

    Dines is, as we used to say, a trip. I wrote about an earlier incarnation of what I suspect is this same article here: http://tinyurl.com/22pfx42

    Also, her speech from the “Porn Harms Briefing” in May should be available from the pornharms.com web site.

  4. LB SUTTER says:

    Correction: Twelve feeral judges (the district judge, three judges of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and eight Supreme Court justices.)


  5. David Eoll says:

    “I’m against the commodification and industrialization of a human desire.”

    Jesus Christ, so she’s basically against about 99.99% of our capitalist economy. Great.

    And… from Wiki: “In Marxist political economy,[2] commodification takes place when economic value is assigned to something not previously considered in economic terms”

    Right. Sex has never been considered in economic terms. That must explain why prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession. Idiot.

  6. Fred says:

    I wish you guys could see how unreasonable you all sound. Incredible.

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