New Obscenity Prosecution – United States v. Adult DVD Empire

Federal prosecutors have filed obscenity charges against Adult DVD Empire in the Western District of Pennsylvania. (source) This is the same district where Mary Beth Buchanan held her little reign of terror. It appears that her successor, Robert Cessar, is just as much of a petty little control freak as his predecessor. this was a left-over case from her obnoxious and un-American ass. Time will tell if her successor, Robert Cesar, is as much of a petty little control freak as Buchananan or if he’s just cleaning out the old files and saving face.

Nevertheless, prosecutions like this, my readers, is why I will not be voting for Obama in 2012. I don’t give a shit if “Bible Spice” Palin is the Republican nominee. At least with her, as with George W. Bush, there was truth in advertising. They both ran as bat-shit-crazy religious fundamentalists, and you got (or you’ll get) what is on the packaging.

UPDATE: The case has apparently already ended in a plea bargain. The defendant is to plead guilty, pay a $75,000 fine, and will be on probation for three years.

13 Responses to New Obscenity Prosecution – United States v. Adult DVD Empire

  1. Charles Platt says:

    Funny how prosecutors always go after fem-submissive S&M. Just once I’d like to see a prosecution in which the offending material involves cock-and-ball torture.

    As for Obama, who used to frequent gay bath houses in Chicago according to my favorite supermarket tabloid, and has admitted using cocaine–one assumes he has a fairly sophisticated take on pornography. Hard to imagine him as a zealot. So if federal prosecutions proceed, it suggests to me that he just doesn’t care one way or the other. The first duty of a politician is to get re-elected, right? Which must be a big preoccupation for him right now. I don’t see the Pennsylvania case as being relevant to that, one way or the other. So why should he give a damn.

    • Its his Department of Justice. He’s the boss.

      Its my Constitution.

      If he doesn’t give a damn, then he’s not what I voted for, and he’s not getting my vote in 2012.

  2. evrenseven says:

    This goes back to the post yesterday about the guy getting detained for having “child porn” when an avalanche of evidence suggested otherwise. They’re just trying to make life hard for pornographers, the same way pornographers try to make things hard for the rest of us.

  3. The defendant is to plead guilty, pay a $75,000 fine, and will be on probation for three years.

    …for the “crime” selling sex videos to consenting adults and featuring “performances” by by consenting adults, in the mail. I see no need to domesticate the repellent content of the videos, but my reaction of “Ewww” does not justify the government forcibly extracting $75K and slapping a felony conviction on someone who has broken no (Constitutionally valid) law.

    • Agreed.

      From what I have heard from my network of First Amendment Lawyers, it seems that this is a prosecution that was geared up by that fucking cunt Mary Beth Buchanan before her crash and burn congressional campaign. Word is that this was a pretty easy way out of the case for both the US and for the defendant.

      That is not so say that I don’t share your umbrage — I do. In spades.

  4. Mark Kernes says:

    So… you don’t think it’s a little bit of a leap from decrying the continued DOJ obscenity prosecutions to refusing to vote for Obama in 2012? I’m hardly happy with everything Obama has done (or, more to the point, not done: Single payer, prosecuting the war criminals, closing Guantanamo and getting fair trials for the victims therein, etc.), but it seems to me that it would take a much braver president than ANY we’ve had since Roosevelt (well, maybe Kennedy) to take on the religio-conservatives and close down the obscenity task force. The difference: Repugnicans actively support that crap, while Democrats just let it ride, knowing that if they shut the unit down, it would generate incredibly bad publicity from the proto-fascists.

    What needs to happen is that America has to become saner about sex. Comprehensive sex education for the kids is a good start, but it’ll take a generation or two for that to kick in–and religion will be opposing it every step of the way.

    • Its not a single issue for me. While I think that his failure to disband the task force is a big deal, you’ve outlined his other failures as well. Frankly, I voted for CHANGE in big goddamned letters. What we got was “meh, later, maybe, we might change a thing or two.”

      I was torn between voting for him and voting libertarian in 2008. I’m convinced that the only way we’re really going to get any change is if those of us who trend Socialist just start voting Socialist, and those of us who trend Libertarian just start voting Libertarian. The D and R parties deserve to dry up and blow away.

    • Professor Lancing says:

      Mark, I understand both liberal/socialist and libertarian views and beliefs of most areas of constitutionality of the following issues you brought up? . . . .
      “prosecuting the war criminals, closing Guantanamo and getting fair trials for the victims therein, etc.”
      But am I reading or understanding you right? Or is it possible you could have clarified it bit better?
      I mean, you don’t seriously mean to say, “THE” war criminals “shouldn’t” be prosecuted do you?
      And you don’t seriously mean claim that those war “CRIMINALS” are “VICTIMS” do you?
      If this is where the socialist or libertarian ideology(s) have gone, then maybe I need to retract the idea that I understand them?
      Seriously, please tell me, our nation of liberal thinkers hasn’t gone this far overboard?
      If so, then I guess I’m ready to stop having any sort of respect (that was remaining) I may have had for those political groups, because if you’re now actively saying that these asshole Muslims who ARE CRIMINALS against the U.S. are “Victims…” then sir, you should be the very next one detained.
      And I would further submit, it’s time to spend everything we have to reincarnate Herbert Hoover and reinstate EVERY policy he had in thwarting communism in our once “sane” nation.
      Please, reply without quip, and (clarify or reestablish) if you’re going to uphold these things herein outlined. Because if you’re going to establish them as your real beliefs and stands, then I’d like to use you as a classic example of just how absolutely insane and anti-American the left has become…. Thank you.

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