If I get asked about Congress’s postal power on the bar exam, I will cut someone.

5 Responses to FYI

  1. Chris says:

    I just hit one of those questions in my BarBri materials.

    Weird coincidence.

  2. J DeVoy says:

    I got it as a MBE question as well. Seems fair there, if a bit off the beaten trail of Commerce Clause, P&I, 14th Amendment, Separation of Powers and First Amendment questions. I could see it being a real mess as an essay.

    • Chris says:

      Pretty sure I saw on a frequency chart somewhere that the postal power has never been tested on a California essay. Dunno where you are though.

  3. Dan Someone says:

    Well, that would be a nice parallelism, wouldn’t it — you going postal over a question about Congress’s postal power?

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