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  1. J DeVoy says:

    This is not terrible advice, actually.

    1) “Call a bitch a bitch.” I wouldn’t put it so bluntly, but this encompasses the concept of negging a girl. When out in a club or bar, girls are getting hit on constantly and this increases this social value. Calling her a bitch will get a drink thrown in your face. A well-placed neg like “I think my mom owns those shoes” or turning her down when she fishes for compliments, like saying “it’s okay I guess,” lowers her perceived value relative to yours. It’s counterintuitive, but why would you subtly insult a girl if you didn’t have a steady supply anyway? (This ties in with the idea of preselection, which is beyond the scope of this post but worth a google.)

    2) Preparing an opener. Yes and no. Shouting girls down in the mall never worked for me. I also never tried it. The problem with the ubiquity of once-useful books like the mystery method is that everyone now uses the same canned lines from it, which are immediately identifiable to any girl who’s at least a 5 on the 1-10 scale. Also not helping: It was on VH1. Devise your own openers, or better in my experience, have a script to go off when creating situational ones. Comment on a fight. Find someone wearing something particularly jarring, like a Members Only jacket and point him or her out. It shows your social savvy, humor and is a good transition into just about any group, rather than asking some other crap. Asking a group who the leader is also goes far; the interpersonal struggles among looser acquaintances is funny, and this can really blow up a bachelorette party, especially if you ignore the bride-to-be. I advise even married men to use the latter strategy not even for pickup, but personal amusement.

    3) Conversation/Demonstrating Value. You either have good conversation or you don’t. He’s right in that it has to be good; that’s easier if you have things in your life to talk about – travel, events, so on. Demonstrating Value, or Demonstrating Higher Value – same concept, the terms just depend on whether you subscribe to the DENNIS system or Mystery Method – is a proven concept, too. Going back to the first point of negging her, you subtly lower her value while raising yours, until you surpass equilibrium and are the more desirable one. This gentleman advises shoving money in her bosom. I disagree, but see situations where it could work. They involve a lot of alcohol. The easier road to take is just talking about places you’ve been and things you’ve done, especially if they’re dangerous and cool like war, fights, jail, etc. Note, though, that a woman’s risk tolerance. Downplay the time you got arrested from the trust fund debutante, but make it for a triple homicide if you’re running game at a biker bar. I guess that’s an analogue to beating up her boyfriend?

    4) Be affectionate = escalate. Again, grabbing “titties and ass” as a starting point is a no-go, but people forget to touch. Then at the end of the night, getting something as trivial as a kiss becomes a major ordeal, even after potentially spending hours – HOURS – with a person. Build up to it, starting with friendly touches and getting more aggressive. It’s probably worse to do too little than too much. If you don’t kiss or touch her, she might think you’re not interested, or a “let’s just be friends” candidate. If you try to weasel into the living room, the worst than can happen is being told “no.”

  2. teacher says:

    That dude was in my class a couple of years ago. He was smart but didn’t do anything all year and dropped out. I’d never seen him write anything as far as classwork, and one day he was writing a long letter in class, multi-paragraph, and he was engrossed. I asked him what he was writing, and he said a letter to his girlfriend. I joked with him and told him he didn’t have a girlfriend, and he said, “She’s thick, teacher. She’s thick.”

  3. AshyKnucks says:

    This is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen. It’s right up there with this one:

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