You call THIS porn?

Flori-duh State Senator, Mike Bennett (R) was (gasp!) “caught watching porn” during a senate session. (source) And the pile on begins… the story even made today’s news in Sweden.

While I enjoy watching Republicans fall from grace over sex scandals, this one is a non-issue. First off, the image was hardly “pornographic.” Second, the image was on his screen for a brief moment. Third, which of you have never screwed off while at work, whether it is looking at a racy photo or checking on how your fantasy baseball team is doing?

Bennett isn’t my favorite legislator, but his record hardly seems to be one of a socially conservative demagogue. His explanations were not the best, but in this round, I side with Bennett and say that the Sunshine State News should try real journalism and leave the tabloid crap to the tabloids.

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  1. Dan Someone says:

    Well, you can’t tell how long he was looking at that image, since the video begins with it on the screen. I agree the image wasn’t “pornographic,” though it was what one would generally call NSFW, and since he was at work… well then, it wasn’t safe.

    More to the point, though, it’s not really the boobies that are the problem — it’s the fact that this guy was sitting there on the public dime fucking around with titty pictures and other videos unrelated to his job. Sure, we all screw off at work now and then (perhaps by commenting on blogs *ahem*)… but we should expect to be taken to task by our employers if we get caught doing it. And if our job is publicly visible, we should also expect the public to comment on it — disapprovingly, even — if we get spotted.

  2. Justicer says:

    Big deal. I am at work right now and I am looking at tittays…

  3. If you have a job were you have to worry about “being caught,” then it’s time to get a different job. Many workplaces are fine with a reasonable amount of personal surfing (or blog commenting). If yours isn’t, and you are, then meh.

    Marc doesn’t believe in NSFW.

    Plaintext URL in case I am not allowed to link: https://randazza.wordpress.com/?s=nsfw

    What kills me about the image is that the women seem clothed. The censor bar makes it look like the image is from a fashion catalog.

    This one is a non-starter for me as well. Now if it had been males he was looking at…. Just kidding. It is nice to see a “scandal” that doesn’t involve an intern or an extra-marital affair for once.

  4. Marc says:

    First of all, anyone caught checking their fantasy baseball at work should be pitied. Because it means they have a fantasy baseball team. And if you play roto, you should be pitied and then taken out behind the barn and given the Old Yeller treatment, because there’s just no saving you… Fantasy football on the other hand? Different story.

    That out of the way, I don’t see why public employees should be held to some mystical standard of 100% productivity because they are “on the public dime.” Every time they take a dump at work, they’re on the public dime. Do they need to time their shit breaks to coincide with their lunch hour? That just sounds unamerican to me.

    • Dan Someone says:

      I don’t think it’s a matter of 100% productivity, but there’s a time and place for everything. This guy wasn’t sitting in his office; he was in a state senate session.

      What would you say if one of your employees were sitting in a meeting — even a boring, make-work meeting where he wasn’t really likely to make a contribution or learn anything valuable — and you caught him checking out titty pictures on his laptop?

      It’s common sense: keep that stuff behind your closed office door.

      • Dan, come on… you’ve never been screwing around on Facebook or ESPN on a mobile device while in a meeting? Everyone does it, and as Marc said in his comment, it isn’t like public employees are Priests of Saturn. They may be on our dime, but when we’re on someone else’s dime, we all fuck off for a moment. I think we oughta leave the shaming to when we catch the fire-and-brimstone “social conservatives” with their dicks in some intern’s butthole, and not when we’ve just got a guy who glanced at a bikini shot.

        • Dan Someone says:

          If I’m on a conference call, I might. In a meeting with other people, not likely.

          Look, I don’t think what this guy did is a huge deal, but I do think it showed really poor judgment, just as I would think if anybody else were looking at nekkid boobies in a meeting. He’s not my state senator, so I have no skin (heh) in the game; but if he were, I’d wonder about his judgment. (Especially if he knew or should have known that he might be on video. Doh!)

          @Christopher: The censor bar looks like a post-processing add by the TV station running the video. He was looking at topless ladies.

  5. blueollie says:

    Actually, from the looks of things, this guy likes women with big butts. Good for him! :)

  6. Hon Dell Rund says:

    Aftonbladet is not news!

    Calling Aftonbladet news is like calling the US Congress a festering sewer full of rats with AIDS.

    Oh wait.. there’s probably dozens of people on Fox News every day calling US Congress a festering sewer full of rats with AIDS.

    But then again, Fox News is not really news :*)

    Best regards from Finland (former colony of Sweden)

    – Rondellhund

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