Lane Bryant Got Sexy

By Tatiana von Tauber

Big may be sexy but it still ain’t easy.

Thank you Lane Bryant for showing us that full-figured women can be incredibly sexy as shown here:

Shame the networks , specifically ABC and Fox, find plus size cleavage too controversial and therefore inappropriate to air . Talk about double standard.


In this Salon article, Lane Bryant’s curvy models censored? , I was rather interested in the author, Tracy Clark-Flory’s comment:

Here is what I do know: I found the Lane Bryant ad to be rather titillating. There is so much more flesh, more cleavage, more bounce!…Regardless of the truth behind this ad war, it is safe to say that many –myself included, I shamefully admit — would find something unnerving about these full-figured women. They are formidable, healthy-looking and robust. They are va-va-voom. Watched alongside the Victoria’s Secret commercial, these two ads are a feminist critique of pop culture that writes itself. Together, they speak volumes about the pressure women feel to be thin, fragile and take up less space. Because that is the type of femininity we’re comfortable with, not the kind you see in the Lane Bryant ad.

Actually what these real women exude is in your face confidence and that is what we’re not comfortable with.  Real bodied women are so used to hiding in the background that when their boobs have a chance to escape the Playtex 18-hour bra mom used to have into something sexier, they rightfully have a lot more bounce than their thin girl competition and there’s going to be some va-va-voom action.  There’s excitement in this.  

I unshamefully admit that I found the ad erotic and that kind of titillating supercharge is rare from a commercial; this should be plastered on every network opposed to the crap which represents “real women” now.  The best part here is the kind of eroticism Lane Bryant represented.  Finally respectability with respect to sexuality and no sense of sexual objectification onto these women opposed to Victoria Secret stick figures.  This ad is what eroticism is.  Lane Bryant got it right on the money.  THIS is excellent feminist advertising.  Take note Go Daddy.

16 Responses to Lane Bryant Got Sexy

  1. DMG says:

    I knew a Lane Bryant model back in the day. I can’t imagine anyone ever considered her “plus size” though. She was a former Miss Mississippi.

  2. teacher says:


  3. blueollie says:

    Meh. What about us “big-butt” lovers? :)

  4. Alan says:

    Big girls need loving, too!

  5. BigPete says:

    I agree bluecollie those are the best

  6. Mark M says:

    Well if there was any justice in the world, the networks would have refused to air this out of respect for the Chopin Prelude they bastardized for the soundtrack.

    But hey, not all is lost. When I clicked on the link you posted to watch the news story, I got an ad about a beer bottle and a bunch of wheat that seem to hook up for a romp on the beach. Now THAT’S about the kinkiest thing I’ve seen in hours.

  7. Heather says:

    What a gorgeous woman. Makes me happy.

  8. Tatiana says:

    Just a comment I forgot to leave out in my update, the commerical specifically mentions “so not what mom would wear”. Mom and sex don’t go well together. I’m curious if their copy didn’t quite fit with their visuals. Any comments on that? – tatiana

  9. Aaron says:

    I loved the point where she grabbed the coat and started heading out. My first thought was “You naughty girl.”

  10. MikeZ says:

    Now I thought the ad was great, (well from a man’s perspective who will probably never buy a bra). Certainly it was sexy and your probably right moreso than the standard Victoria Secret model.

    However I’m not completely sure ABC/Fox’s position is out of line by their standards at least. If thier stated position is if something is sexier than ‘X’ it can only be seen after 10pm and “This ad is what eroticism is.” where is the problem?

    Now we could argue all day long about how silly it is for the sex censors to be that much more restrictive than the violence censors (and I’d agree). However that isn’t a large vs petite women argument.

  11. MikeZ says:

    Now something that is somewhat shameful on the Networks might be the CNN clip (if this is real) that shows an altered Lane Bryant ad:

  12. Daniel Kolle says:

    Am I the only one that has noticed Lane Bryant models are just those with really large boobs?

  13. teacher says:

    Yes, Daniel, that’s why I spooged when I saw the ad. Thanks Tatiana, it was great.

  14. Harry Mauron says:

    Daniel and teacher –

    It took me a while to notice, but the LB models do differ from other (white) fashion models is significant ways:
    1. No ribs in evidence
    2. No abs in evidence
    3. Shoulders form soft curves rather than bony bumps.
    4. Hips that don’t make obstetricians wince.
    5. Thighs are larger diameter than knees and calves.

    All good stuff, but I’m no Roissy.

  15. jesschristensen says:

    Maybe its just the networks’ acknowledgement that curvy girls are just way sexier than skinny girls? Makes sense to me. :)

  16. Re: “Hey Sweetie, pull up a couch, talk a spell.” Listen, thin is still better. It’s not just a poof thing.

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