Malpractice Alert! How did you dispose of your last photocopier?

It seems that photocopiers store a lot of data and when you get rid of an old photocopier, you may be giving away privileged information. Source.

That’s why I don’t sell old laptops. I just yank out the hard drive, smash it to smithereens, and then blowtorch the hell out of the actual hard disk.

7 Responses to Malpractice Alert! How did you dispose of your last photocopier?

  1. Damn, that sounds like a lot of fun.

    Of course, I stopped using photocopiers a long time ago. Scanning and laser-printing is faster, cheaper, and easier to repplicate. Yes, the laser printer stores information in its memory, too, but that’s pretty easy to wipe.

    The computers that run them, however, will likely still need the Marco The Barbarian technique.

  2. BigPete says:

    From a photocopier yea its more fun smashing it lol

  3. Christopher Harbin says:

    Wow. I’ve never thought about that. This would apply to fax machines, too.

  4. Dan says:

    What amazes me about this story is that it’s suddenly news???? Hello, welcome to 2007. Anyone dealing with litigation holds and/or massive e-discovery figured this out years ago the instant the copier/printer/fax outside the VPs office was about to be retired/replaced/upgraded/etc and someone said “waitasec. shouldnt we check wit legal furst?”

  5. Ok before you go smashing your photocopier up, although it sounds like a lot of fun, remember its probably leased and you could end up with a bill.
    However of course you are entitled to ensure your data is removed. This responsibility would fall on your technician who can do a number of things including reformat the drive. The later digital copiers electronically shred information and use more sophisticated encryption.

  6. Lee Kirkby says:

    Online is correct. Most newer MFP’s have encryption capabilities built in or added as an option. One problem on the option is many companies don’t buy it as they see it as an additional expense. We are looking at the costs of striping drives for our clients before we return their equipment to leasing companies. There is no doubt that information does get retained on many of these devices. The current trend is to add even more custom data to MFP’s to make them interface with other programs. This can aggravate the issue. Another reason to deal with reputable dealer when leasing or buying equipment and being careful about just going with lowest price. All of these additional services will cost money, but they can be worth it.

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