Australian study shows that strip clubs are safer than churches

The New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed that you are statistically more likely to be a victim of a crime at church than in a strip club.

Places of worship also took the lead in sexual offences (16), theft from motor vehicles (33), resisting arrest (7) and liquor offences (10).

Harassment and threatening behaviour at places of worship (30) was over 50percent more than at places of adult entertainment (13). (source)

3 Responses to Australian study shows that strip clubs are safer than churches

  1. Rogier says:

    Damn funny, but probably meaningless as stats go. Given the number of churchgoers versus the number of strip club patrons (I’m assuming the former is much higher), it is not unexpected that the level of dastardly deeds would be higher in and around the places of worship. To prove that strip clubs are safer, you’d need to look at a comparative stat, such as the crime rate per 1,000 hours of attendance.

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  3. G Thompson says:

    Being an Australian and from New South Wales (Sydney) as well I love these stats and allows us Aussies the excuse for the wife etc.

    “Yes dear I know It is late but at least you know I was safe at the strip show instead of being worried that I was at the church” *grin*

    Interestingly though both “strip” clubs and Brothels are legal in NSW and due to this are very tightly controlled/regulated which results in less violence than most people assume since the owners DO NOT want the violence and will remove intoxicated clients etc. Good business sense in other words.

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