There Goes the Neighborhood

In Eastwood (near Syracuse, NY), a church congregation is up in arms because a video store is opening next door and they intend to have adult videos available. (source)

Roosevelt Baums, pastor of the church puts it more simply: It’s just not right.

“Well, according to the membership, we wouldn’t like that in our community, especially because 4 percent of that business is derived from pornographic material,” Baums said. “Yes, we need something in the neighborhood … but we don’t want to bring in an immoral situation into our communities. We have enough problems as it is.” (source)

No, that’s not a typo. FOUR percent. In other words, a whole video store will be there, and there will be a few sexually oriented titles — and Pastor Baums and his flock of superstition worshipping idiots can’t handle that.

The pastor is right, we do have enough problems as it is. However, the problems we have come from adults who read a crappy 2,000 year old book scrawled by a bunch of child molesters who wiped their asses with their hands and think that it is the work of an almighty space ghost.

It never fails to amaze me when I see these fools — who believe that their imaginary friend is all powerful, all seeing, created all and could destroy all, but he would have an absolute heart attack if he saw a store next to one of his franchises that made FOUR percent of its income from porn.

Lets do a little math… lets presume that the store would make 100 percent of its money from porn. Tell me how many reports you have read about kids being molested in porno stores. Hmmm? How many now? Oh, ZERO?

Now… would you rather have a church or a smut store in your town?

11 Responses to There Goes the Neighborhood

  1. This guy is a first-class asshole.

    I grew up in Eastwood (it’s technically part of Syracuse, but has its own planning group to make sure the bogus “small town atmosphere” is preserved) and I’ve driven by that church countless times. That entire part of the neighborhood is a blighted area. Just next to the church, there’s an entire store complex that’s been abandoned for years, and across the street there’s a overgrown field where a bowling alley used to be. The American Legion nearby is the biggest thing going over there. Any new business is good business for Eastwood, but this jagoff would rather see James Street devolve into Detroit East.

    If you know the history of Christianity, you know that Methodists were the mid-1800’s equivalent of hippies. Nowadays they’re the denomination with the biggest stick up their ass. Funny how these things work, huh?

  2. Marc says:

    So if four percent of revenues from adult video sales is too much, what percentage would have been ok? The fact that he’s specifying the four percent implies a magic number that he’d be ok with…

    And how the hell did he come up with that four percent to begin with? Did he just walk into the store during the rennovations and ask the owner “Hey, I’ve got some questions about your business model. Specifically, what percentage of your revenues are derived from adult titles?”

    Maybe I’m overthinking this…

  3. Eric T. says:

    People are still opening up video stores?!?

  4. Derek says:

    Hey, porn is always a hot commodity.

  5. Aaron says:

    Smut store, it has less inanity. And yes, I am factoring in midget porn, beastiality, and “Strap-on Lovelies: volume 6.” Some crazy shit right there.

  6. If only Redbox had 4% porn! With the death of the video stores there are less and less places to get porn. Since DVD titles are generally too expensive to purchase outright rental is the only way to go. I mean, it’s not like anyone care about the director’s commentary on the extended Blu-Ray disc. No one is making sure they hear all the dialog to track the plots. The rewatch value is minimal (one you find out why the cable man is really there….).

    Anyway, maybe I am just cheap, but no way would I ever buy a porn DVD. I’d probably rent one (if it had a really good and artful story), but none of the DVD shops anywhere near me carry porn.

    I think this is a win/win. Grab a video for the kids and one for the adults in the same video store.

    • Sean F. says:

      You obviously have an internet connection. That basically equates to an unlimited use porn subscription service. Why not use that?

  7. jeffrey morrell says:

    really man? jumping religion? the issue at hand here is people who can’t connect the dots between problem and solution, not people that believe in god. chill.

    • No, Jeff… the problem is that when you have people who worship imaginary beings and believe that their lives should be governed by some repressed child molester who reads 2,000 year old fairy tales to them — you have people who can’t think rationally.

      So rally, belief in god is the problem.

    • Clint says:

      Jeffrey Morrell, it took religion to tell us that natural human behavior is something bad. Your myopia is amusing.

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