Towing company sues student for starting Facebook page

A Kalamazoo, Michigan towing company is suing a Western Michigan University student for starting a Facebook Page against the company. The complaint is here. The quality of the work is exactly what you would expect from a lawyer who would file a claim like this.

Go figure. The towing company, T&J Towing has an F grade with the Better Business Bureau. (source)

7 Responses to Towing company sues student for starting Facebook page

  1. George Costanza says:

    Wow, this Joseph Bird must have graduated from a “TTT” university.

    • Davis says:

      Joseph Bird also happens to be the president of the towing company. I wonder if he’s just going pro se on this one, since it’s hard to believe anyone who passed 1L year would submit a document with that many typos.

  2. booyah says:

    That complaint is awesome. The court should just go ahead and grant “restitution” to the Plaintiff.

  3. blueollie says:

    Isn’t this a type of SLAP suit?

  4. dave says:

    I have almost this same exact same situation going on, in Michigan of course. All the details are at, but essentially what happened is dealership damages motorcycle, refuses to repair, owner assaults me, I write about it on my blog, a friend starts a facebook group, and now the owner of the motorcycle dealership is threatening to sue. They are claiming not just libel and defamation, but also intentional interference with a business expectation. Its absolutely absurd.

  5. Dan Steinberg says:

    Bird needs to subscribe to the Legal Satyricon.
    that way he could have read the one above him and avoided embarrasment:

    Posted: 13 Apr 2010 11:34 AM PDT
    “Only verifiable statements of fact can be libelous.” So sayeth New York Supreme Court Justice Alice Schlesinger in rejecting a defamation claim brought by Sandals resort against an anonymous critic. (source) Too bad that so many other judges are too stupid to understand this basic legal principle. Filed under: defamation, SLAPP […]

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