Some blogs and websites use the acronym NSFW – not safe for work – to describe their content.  We don’t.  We don’t believe in it, and here is why.

Nevertheless, we understand that some of you work in environments where the MacKinnonites have ruined everything for everyone. Some lazy ass who is looking for a handout and a pay day could use the fact that you clicked on Adult Video News as a way to get her cha-ching and her vacation from the career that she didn’t want anyhow.

So what to do? We’ll label stuff that might get you fired, but there’s no fucking way we’re calling it “unsafe.” We will label things like that with WYB. What does that mean? “Watch Your Back” Because, that is what NSFW means anyhow — that someone might stab you in the back for having the audacity to believe that you are free to read what you want to read.

WYB makes more sense in another respect — what if you are not at work? What if you are at your grandmother’s house and you think that, just maybe, clicking on a link to Tubgirl might just freak her the fuck out. What difference does it make if it is “safe for work?”

Finally, NSFW is even more of a lie if you work in an environment where, well, you’re just a-ok accessing Goatse, Meatspin, or the latest parody of 2G1C.

Accordingly, you should always watch your back. MacKinnonites are everywhere, they are spying on you, and they’ll stab you in the back at the drop of a hat. When we can identify something that should make you watch your back extra carefully, we’ll try and tag it with WYB. If we forget to, then tough shit. You should WYB all the time anyhow — but we do understand that some of you don’t have the luxury of working in the porn world… we will WYB.

4 Responses to YKW? WYB. YWIA.

  1. Isabel says:

    thankyou, I need some WYB watching!!!!!!!

    maybe you could do it from the header photo of your eyes.I tried to print it, wouldn’t work!!!!!!!!! can you fix that,I don’t want to have to write to wordpress.

    How about just sending me the jpeg?????????

  2. Marc says:

    Doesn’t “no looking at porn at work” fall under the category of professionalism?

    What difference between that and, for example, your company requiring you to wear a shirt and tie to work? Or that you keep the use of swear words to an appropriate minimum when in a client meeting?

    • I don’t think that “no looking at porn at work” falls under the “category of professionalism.”

      I can’t see any difference between a person taking a “mental break” by reading ESPN.com, or looking at jibjab.com or any other “frolic and detour” site, and someone deciding that they want to review the latest Corbin Fisher or BangBus updates.

      Naturally, it would be rude to do so under some conditions. I would think it rude to do so with the volume all the way up, or perhaps even while the screen is in full view of all your co-workers. But, that’s merely a matter of manners, not professionalism.

      Of course, your employer has every right to ban you from certain websites. We don’t necessarily challenge that. The only thing that we are against is the connotation of porn being “un safe.”

  3. Nonymo says:

    good idea, thank you

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