Watch Randazza LIVE in Oral Arguments

In ISC v. Marshall before the Florida Supreme Court, starting at approximately 11:20am (EST) here.

(Court may be running 15-20 minutes behind schedule)

7 Responses to Watch Randazza LIVE in Oral Arguments

  1. mc says:

    Is this archived somewhere? I always like to watch me a good oral argument (yes I’m easily amused in my old age). Pretty amazing that they carry the orals live. I don’t think the Virginia Supreme Court where my last arg was does that, as far as I know (which is too bad, the “quality” of some advocates would be good entertainment).

  2. jesschristensen says:

    Hi mc – I’m not sure if it is, but we’ll try to find out and get you a link.

  3. mc says:

    Found it, looks like it’s here. I’ll check it out later.

    • D says:

      For those looking for Marc, I found him at around 2:43 of the video (that’s hours and minutes).

      • D says:

        Watching this now – oddly enough, this is almost exactly the same case as the hypothetical we dealt with last semester in my Legal Research and Writing class (except there the court was federal, and the state was Illinois).

  4. as says:

    kick some booty marco!!!!

  5. […] had long expired.  I hoped to summon the advocacy skills of Johnny Cochran, Andrew Rima or Marc Randazza.  All that came to mind were parole hearings, specifically John Lovitz’s in Trapped in […]

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