Time for a Revolt against the TSA



First the government says that we need more people who speak Arabic. Then, the TSA handcuffs and detains a student for carrying Arabic flashcards into an airport.Kids’ pillows are a threat to national security, as is Play Doh.TSA agents force a disabled four year old boy’s parents to remove his leg braces before he can pass through security. Then, to add insult to that injury, demand that the poor kid hobble through the metal detector unassisted. When the dad got upset, the reaction of the local flunky was that he needed to “calm down and enjoy his vacation.

None of this idiocy makes us safer.

The TSA operates on the premise that terrorists are as stupid and inflexible as the dipshits who work for the TSA. They presume that since one guy tried to make a bomb out of his shoes, that this is such a threat that millions of people a day need to have their shoes screened. You can’t bring a full sized tube of toothpaste or a bottle of water through security, because…I don’t even fucking know. Water might be a bomb? Meanwhile, you could strap 80 ounces of “deadly” water to your belly with this bad boy, but I’m sure that there are no terrorists who know how to use the internet. You can’t bring a rock on a plane, because it is a “dual use item,” a potential low-tech weapon. Meanwhile, though, you can carry a solid-metal Macbook Pro on a plane, and even the wimpiest hipster can turn the average NFL linebacker’s skull into brain pudding with a swift swing of that stylish goodness.

We. Are. Not. Safer. When. Fucking. Idiots. Are. In. Charge.

TSA has given us idiotic rules that make absolutely no sense — all in a quest to give us “security theater,” or to just make us get used to following moronic rules laid down by bigger morons, who then delegate enforcement to complete flunkies.

The greatest threat to America is not terrorism. Flunkiedom, not terrorism, is the greatest threat to America. We have seen this in FEMA and the DOJ, we have seen it in Wall Street, and we now see it in TSA, the agency responsible for our in-air safety.

We have become a nation that operates like this:

Step 1: Imagine the absolute worst thing that could ever happen. This thing is the 1 in 1,000,000 event. Imagine the event while watching Dateline NBC or Fox News.

Step 2: Make a rule to keep the 1 in 1,000,000 event from EVER happening – regardless of how that rule affects the other 999,999 events.

Step 3: Hire an abject freakin moron to implement the rule. That person must either be so stupid that they could never exercise an independent thought, or they must be completely disempowered to do so.

And that, my friends, is how the new America works!

What should we do about it?

Honestly… hasn’t the time come for us to revolt? I mean, somehow? Professor Bainbridge says that we should, but offers no practical suggestions as to how we can really “revolt.”

While we plan our revolt, lets get one thing out of the way. You are a complete and total pussy. Yes you are. Don’t be offended; I am too.

By rights, we should arm ourselves, storm the TSA’s offices, and start cutting throats. We won’t; we’re pussies. When we see TSA agents going full-moron, we should all rush the gate, grab the asshole, and stuff him (or her) in the X-Ray machine and shove the hand-wand metal detector in his (or her) ass. If TSA agents were concerned about that happening to them if they over-reacted, you can bet they’d be a bit more careful with our supposedly precious civil liberties.

Getting a little more realistic, we could at least commit acts of civil disobedience at airports.

We won’t. We’re pussies.

Seriously, even if you live a relatively modest life, you’ve just got too much to lose by standing up for your freedom in any direct manner. You wouldn’t risk your LCD television for “freedom,” let alone your personal liberty for the freedom of others. Not even the most bad-assed Marine would risk losing his 1992 Firebird to protect your freedom, and I’m not putting my shit on the line either.

So what are we supposed to do? VOTE! That’s the ticket!

Are you going to vote against your congressman’s re-election over it? That’s a laugh. Incumbents have won reelection at rate over 90% for almost two decades. Are we really going to marshall armies of voters to toss out incumbents who don’t crack down on the TSA? Good luck, Skippy. Lets say we could even get 1,000 voters together to agree on that issue, all the incumbent would have to do is toss a god, guns, or gays issue in the middle of us and we’d be at each others throats like starving rabid coyotes.

So what can we do?

Here is a suggestion: Everyone who knows a TSA employee — no matter what their level of authority, no matter how close they are to you, treat them like shit.

Absolute shit. Be mean. Be demeaning. Be insulting.

Watch the movie The Elephant Man, and make TSA employees wish they could switch places with John Merrick.

If someone walks into your business wearing a TSA uniform, refuse to serve them. (Loudly proclaiming “we don’t serve your kind in here!”) If you see them on the bus, stand in their way so that they miss their stop. If you live near them, call the police on them for any minor transgression (rules are rules, after all). If you’re on their condo board, enforce every single rule against them, no matter how petty or stupid it may be (ditto). If you’re related to one, make fun of them at family gatherings. If you know a TSA employee, don’t let them in your house until you make them take off their shoes and undergo some humiliating bullshit at your door. Better yet, just tell them that they can’t come in your house. Tell your kids to stay away from the TSA employee’s kids or they’ll catch a loathsome disease. If you know one on Facebook, post mean shit on their Facebook page.

If we all collectively treat them badly, eventually maybe they will all start wondering whether they are really doing the right thing. Maybe they’ll bitch at work. (It might backfire for a little while, so be forewarned). No matter how high or how low the TSA flunkie is, make them wish that they would be struck down with leprosy so that at least then they could be objects of pity. Make them quit their jobs.

Look, the Third Reich couldn’t have committed its crimes without the petty little shits who carried the nightsticks. And America can’t turn into a complete Flunkie-Idiocracy without the flunkie idiots. We can’t resist directly, because we’re materialistic pussies. However, we can be petty and cruel. Just be petty and cruel as fuck to a TSA employee, any TSA employee — every day, everywhere, and all the time.

Treat a TSA employee like shit today, tomorrow, and the next day. Treat them so harshly that they weep in the goddamned corner and choose between their job and complete social social ostracism. If they quit their jobs, embrace them, love them, and make it up to them — but until we beat the living crap out of them emotionally, these foot soldiers of idiocracy will continue to do their jobs with aplomb.

Do your patriotic duty! — Be mean to a TSA employee now.

And yes, I’m sure that my name will be on a list for this. Fuck it, I can be a little bit less of a pussy. I get “randomly” selected all the time anyway.

54 Responses to Time for a Revolt against the TSA

  1. This post is fantastic. I wish I had the balls to say something when going through security.

  2. Marc says:

    In my recent airport experiences, the TSA flunkies have been too polite and accommodating, not the other way around.

    Three times in a row I was flying out of Detroit (bad enough, I know), and I got stuck groups of octogenarians at a security checkpoint. Each of them was trying to wear their entire jewelry collection through the metal detector. When the alarm went off, the TSA-tard sent them back through for a re-check. He then let them try to go through the metal detector again and again after each piece of jewelry they removed….

    Luckily, the airport was equipped with a bar, and the guy with the rubber gloves that I got was nice enough to buy me a drink after checking me for hidden explosives…

  3. Aaron says:

    Kick-ass post.

  4. ollie says:

    You’ll probably enjoy this post by a security expert.

  5. Mike says:

    Security theater. Think 1984 with all the citizens passive from Big Brother’s watching over them. Then remember that some teenager from Nigeria who’s claustrophobic manages to get on an airline with explosives sewn into his shorts.

    I Join your revolution, but I have never had anyone admit they work with the TSA outside the airport. Would you?


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  7. I’m happy to road-trip these days whenever possible. Obviously, it’s not a substitute 100% of the time, but it has cut my air travel back maybe 25%. And in the end, that’s the only way we can shape the TSA – by applying pressure through the capitalist airline proxies.

  8. Jay says:

    This is the best blog post in the world!

    OK, er… too much? Fine. It’s the best post on this site in ages, in my opinion.

    Right. I just like this post a lot.

    I would like to suggest that we also treat all politicians like shit. And snarky-ass IP examiners the world over. Oh, hell… let’s just treat everyone like shit then we’ll finally get somewhere. :)

  9. AshyKnucks says:

    I’m instructing my friend, an elementary school teacher, to give all TSA children last choice of toy. Pay it forward…

  10. Louise says:

    And airlines still allow medal knitting needles on planes. I mean foot long, pointy, hard needles… that you could easily kill someone with.

  11. Congeels says:

    . . . or a 19 cent Bic pen.

  12. Perturbed says:

    Standing in an ungodly long line with one TSA flunky repeating ad infinitum: “the line’s around the corner, the line’s around the corner.” watching faces melt as these poor travelers see how long this nonsensical wait will be. When I get to the checkpoint, I’ll slowly, slowly take off my shoes, patiently unpack my liquids and laptop, make risky comments and insult the TSA staff in an obscure language, and generally take enough time to complete the screening process so that everyone behind me gets equally pissed off. Only then will they revolt

    • Ryan says:

      You’re my hero. lol. I always treat the TSA like shit every time I see them. Ever time a TSA agent talks to me I say, “I don’t talk to your kind”

  13. I think you are right on–it’s high time to revolt against the TSA. I haven’t come across one yet that seems to have even a modicrum of common sense. It seems to me that the TSA hires all the security guard rejects. In another era they would have been called brown shirts.

  14. FuckThePoliceState says:

    Great post, couldn’t have said it better myself. I believed in such guerrilla civil enforcement 20 years ago when I first saw it beginning to happen, but alas I’ve been alone. Just how ripe will all the dog shit which government fascists have been burying us have to become before those who understand the value of their freedom finally take such action? It’s not only relatively painless(well, not all painless, read further), it could even be stress-relieving, but it’s also the only way which can still have any effect in the world which we live in today. Will the nice sheep of America ever get over themselves (oh, I I I couldn’t treat my fellow Americans (AMERICA’S MORTAL ENEMIES) like thAAaaat) and do what it takes to save their country before we all become lambchops? This can only work if everyone who sees the wrong understands what they have to do, and then finds the courage to do it.

    We need to apply the same style of civil enforcement wherever there is high corruption in government, be it Congress, your state government, and anywhere that the local judiciary or police force has fallen into the culture of corruption. The whole organization in question must be made to feel our wrath until they get the message (OUR message, spoken so loud that not even a billion stolen (ahem, tax) dollars of public mis-service messages can drown us out).

    You will likely get fifteen fingers wagging at you, with voices raised to call you a jerk for punishing the poor bitch who is “just doing his job”, but you must never lose sight of the fact that this is a war which you are fighting, and the enemy is everywhere around you, and probably in some way connected to your own social circle – this is not without risk, even though it’s still better than being shipped off to some secret hole in the earth somewhere. Are you up for this fight, America, or will the toothy sheep among you wear you down?

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  16. Stu says:

    Well done all the way. A+

  17. ed smith says:

    I go with the lets rush the airports and cut the throats of all the tsa workers
    im not a pussy but I am not a marter

  18. JM says:

    Excellent post. I can’t wait to humiliate the first TSA prick I come in contact with!

  19. alex says:


  20. alex says:


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  22. TSA Revolt says:

    To initiate any sort of effective TSA revolt (NON, repeate, NON-Violent ONLY!) you would need a minimum of at least 5,000 – 10,000 people. The more centrally located (same state, city, etc) the people are, the better. The same way that people/organizations plan protests, they could plan an act of civil disobedience against the TSA. For example, if they planned it so they were ALL flying from the same airport on the same day, they could “refuse” abusive/obnoxious TSA behavior/orders. Perhaps they could were some type of ID so as to be able to spot each other. If the TSA tried to grab/take 1 of them away, ALL protesters in the vicinity can rush to their aid & or call for others on cell phones. Ultimately the goal would be to shut down the entire airport. In the aftermath, obviously there would be tickets (not airline, but police/legal) administered to the protesters. The protesters could simply ignore them/not show up for court. Having a small city/county police force, running around in an attempt to gather up 5 to 10,000 fugitives, could severely impair/strain a small sized police department. I don’t know how good my idea is, but at least it’s a start/something. I don’t see any better ideas.

    • Ryan says:

      I’d just wear clothing that no one can ID you. Have people drive you and the people doing the riots. My idea is go in hard and hot. Wear masks along with sunglasses that blocks TSA/police agents from seeing your eyes. Buy a few high level frequency radio jammers. That way no one can use their police/TSA handheld radios. Do rioting for about 5-15 seconds then leave into your driver’s vehicle. The vehicle should be a van or medium passenger vehicle(s). Try to get onto the highway soon as possible and meet at a private area far from the airport and police sear teams as possible. Meet where helicopters can see you.

  23. […] So what do we do?  When I was in the Army, I was taught that if you are taken prisoner, you have a responsibility to make your captors work as hard as they can to hold you.  Same in this situation.  We must resist every way possible — and that means stop being polite to TSA agents.  And I don’t just mean at the airport.  Abuse them if you know them in “real life.”  I wrote on that here. […]

  24. Jennifer says:

    Looks like the revolt is happening now! Wish I was in the U.S. to participate. Living in Korea now, where you could not get away with making people walk through naked scanners or “enhanced patdowns.”

    Can’t believe it took this. Keeping my fingers crossed that the American public tears the TSA a new one and that Obama wakes the fuck up and acts like a decent human being.

    • John S says:

      I wish I was were you lived Jennifer, the US has gone mad. I hope, somehow, we can get our rights back :(

  25. Steve M says:

    Kind of funny in light of this post https://randazza.wordpress.com/2010/11/02/good-riddance-to-russ-feingold/) that Russ Feingold was the only senator to vote against the Patriot Act (which created the TSA).

    And not that I’m a partisan, I think both Dems and Republicans are part of one corporate party. But when the Patriot Act came up for renewal in 06, there were only 11 senators who voted NOT to renew it, 100 dems and 1 independent.

  26. […] you’re flying, remember to be a douche to the TSA. And remember to do so if you’re not flying too. Don’t give me that “they’re just doing their jobs” bullshit. At some point, […]

  27. JEFF says:

    Obviously everyone is a fucking pussy. No one showed up. Most of you don’t even know what your talking about. You watch fucking CNN and FOX news a believe everything you hear. You don’t want racial profiling but you want Israel’s Behavior detection Officers which TSA actually has. Here’s the thing. Israel has 1/1000th of the passenger load and they’re Behavior detection officers profile based on behavior and race. Second TSA is not needed to protect the American public from terrorist but from spoiled little shits here in America. We have whiny little bitches that shoot up their high schools because they couldn’t find a friend. When people originally started protesting it was because they had to get patted down if they had something they left in their fucking pockets. So what do they do? They try to get people to opt out of going through a body x-ray machine that takes all of ten seconds, gives a cartoonish outline of their body to a screener in another room, and volunteer to get their dick patted down. How fucking stupid are you? They get patted down so they won’t have to go through the body x-ray machine because they might have to get patted down if they leave something in their pockets. The reason why TSA has on these stupid rules is because the American public is actually more stupid than the people that work at TSA. When Hurricane Katrina happened Bush was blamed for not sending the National Guard in right away. Bush could have sent them in right away without weapons but without the Governor’s permission they would not be able to have M-16s to protect themselves. Every year 3,500-5,000 guns are attempted to be brought on the airplanes. That’s 1-15 guns a day, not to mention dynamite and other minor explosives brought by dumb asses from our very own country. If the American public would just accept that sometimes bad things happen and it’s not worth spending X amount of money, time, or someone seeing a naked outline of our body then they well get rid of these things. If something were to happen everyone in here would be whining about why didn’t they have these x-ray machines. Remember 90% of the liberal politicians gave everything George Bush asked for because they agreed with him. If they didn’t agree with them then they should be locked up in a prison for sending our troops into a war they did not believe in. The problem with everyone in here is not that your just pussies, your fucking lazy, ignorant fucks that pretend that you believe in civil liberties when you actually just want what makes your life easier. The person who wrote this said they were in the Army which sounds like BS. Why stop with the TSA? Why not give everyone you know a hard time if they do any public service job? If you think the people that work at TSA suck and you think you can do better for $29k a year prove it. You tell people to give them a hard time and then complain about the few examples FOX NEWs gives were a TSA Officer does something wrong. Last time a checked the Army had plenty of morons making a military look like shit. You want to talk about violating peoples rights. I guess it doesn’t matter if you rape and torture someone as long as it’s not someone who is white and from America. We should judge every soldier based of the many dirt bags that we have in our military. The TSA has higher many morons but unfortunately the Army has recruited many more that would not even be able to get hired at TSA because they are to stupid. You have score higher than a 31 to join TSA which isn’t saying much for TSA. The army takes people from prison. I actually was in the Marines who have a slightly higher standard but my point is that many people do not like a military around the world including here but that does not mean you should be a fucking asshole to someone who serves. Many people complain about the people who serve our country but I do not see them stepping up to lead by example. Why because you our lazy fucking pussies who need mom and dad to wipe your ass still. You complain about having to pay for college, health insurance, and all your other responsibilities.

  28. DT says:

    Judging from the videos and photographs I’ve seen of TSA agents this strategy will not work. They are already the lowest forms of life, lower even than the stars of the People of Walmart site. No one has a TSA friend or family member to shame because TSA agents have no friends or family members. They are fat ugly losers with zero personality. Any family or friends they once had ditched them long ago.

    Honestly, could you ever imagine a winner looking or acting like our petty TSA agents?

  29. Derpper says:

    If I meet one, I plan on it. God forbid I meet one at the locale bar, I do not take kindly to Nazis. When we are on common ground, I will treat them like common people.

    To tell you the truth, I don’t even fly. I don’t think I have to in order to despise these sexual assaulting, irradiating flunkies. They are talking about putting these fuck tards in shopping centers. If they get between me and my food, shit will hit the fan. I’m not a pussy and I don’t care if I loose my TV. I would rather get sent to jail by an unjust dictatorship than live under their boot.

    If people think my view is out of line and barbaric, I beg them to look at the results of blind obedience and apathy in Nazi Germany. Great post man, fuck these ass flickers, fuck them hard.

  30. Mark says:

    This critique of pure idiocy is dead on. Unless fascists are made to be social pariahs (unless their actions have personal consequences) then we will continue to lose everything free about America.

  31. john says:

    I hate TSA. Today at the airport in Virginia they unpacked my entire suitcase, took everything out, swiped it with a round pad which they inserted into a machine each time looking for what they claimed was residue on my suitcase. They refused to tell me what residue they were looking for and just said your suitcase made the alarm go off. It took them one hour to strip search my suitcase in front of plenty of other people, meanwhile I had to stand there while they violated my personal belongings. Of course they found nothing, but the dumb-ass retard went through every item, very slowly. Totally embarrassing. They even swiped my dirty underwear. This whole TSA thing is a scam and just another way to implement 1984 on the citizens of America. If I had not shown up 2 hours early, I would have missed my flight because she deliberately went as slow as possible. And then you cannot touch your own stuff. They repack your suitcase the way they want to, all fucked up, and then send you on your way. I am livid and wanted to break some necks. There will be a revolt and what is going on in Egypt will happen here, it is just a matter of time.
    TSA employees are stupid traitors. Nazzi bitches and bastards. They are pushing the limits of the public and I am totally with you on treating them like the smarmy pieces of shit they are. They are a bunch of brainwashed idiots that could not get a real job, so they turn on their fellow citizens. I will go out of my way to find them and treat them like shit, just like I did to that bitch today who kept telling me to be quiet because I called a friend and while she was violating my stuff, I was talking nice and loud to my friend about what she was doing. It was irritating the crap out of her, but I just kept on bashing her to my friend the whole time she fucked with my clothing, which now I have to wash everything because who knows what chemicals they put on those round swabs that they pass over all of your stuff with.
    This is a great article and I hope more restaurants like the one in Seattle start sending these traitors a message and kick their asses out of their establishments. America has no freedom anymore, if you think we do, then you are living in your own private Idaho. This country is turning into a communist dictatorship. Time to leave.

    • American says:

      Next time you fly, fill your suitcase with the dirtiest, stinkiest underwear you got.. then make a LOUD comment about how your roommate stuck their dirty, nasty stuff in your suitcase as some kind of sick joke… then comment about the gloves.. everyone in line will make the jackass change their gloves, imagine how much the TSA will have to spend on gloves alone if people required them to change gloves for each passenger, even family members traveling together… they’ll go bankrupt in 6 months, and those jackwagons will be so busy changing gloves they won’t have time to molest.. err, justified procedural pat-down of 6 year old American citizens, type of BS.

  32. Kelownamom says:

    Here’s an idea…while the TSA nazi is patting you down, put on some gloves and return the favor. Tit for tat as they say. Why should a stranger have the right to touch you? You should have the right to pat them down in case they are carrying something illegal on their person…right?? After all, we don’t know who they are, so I think if everyone started doing the same to them, they would raise a ruckus!! Worth a try I think!!

  33. Karl says:

    Harassing the peons isn’t the solution. Certainly, if no one would sign up for these TSA/cop/soldier/IRS agent/BATF gun runner etc. “jobs”, the globalist agenda…the ziobolshevik agenda for world domination would fail. Unfortunately, there seemingly are never a shortage of dim bulbs willing to serve the beast. Therefore, we are in a bad place.

    One Apache gunship could obliterate the next meeting of Congress, the next AIPAC cuntvention, the next UN meeting, the next G20. (smile)

    People could be selected on a lottery type system from voter roles to serve 2 yrs as a congressman/president/senator etc. No more dog and pony shows campaigning and butt licking. With AIPAC no longer bullying polylickins, real change could transpire. With the assets of the central bankers redistributed to the WE THE PEOPLE, the IRS closed, DHS shut down, TSA shut down, the war industry transformed to concentrating on creating sustainable communities, a literal Nirvana could be created.

  34. Randy says:

    The TSA has plans to start “screening” you at SHOPPING MALLS, SPORTS EVENTS, BUSES and TRAINS, ON-THE-STREET. Check it out, I’m NOT kidding. If we do NOT beat them in the airports, they WILL be stroking and groping your children in the parks and playgrounds.
    “Integrity, Team Spirit, Innovation” is sewn around the border of the newest TSA patch.
    Have you EVER seen an organization that had to SEW A REMINDER not to STEAL, LIE, and CHEAT on their own shoulders!!!! They STEAL from the “confiscated” items, BACK-STAB and LIE to the PASSENGERS (and their CO-Workers) and “INNOVATIVELY” CHEAT on their own tests.
    Supervisors PADDING their hours to make house payments.
    Supervisors stealing from the confiscated items.
    Supervisors staggering in drunk.
    Supervisors yelling all NON-Christians should leave the country
    Supervisors expressing their desire to see certain U.S. Senators DEAD
    —–The TSA is specificly designed to lull the American Public into passively accepting random, pointless, searches at the whim of the government. Look at them. TSA screeners are being trained to be smiling and polite. WHY? To appear benign and unthreatening as they strip you of your Freedom. The reason they came up with an underwear bomber is the same reason they came up with a shoe bomber. First they wanted to get into your shoes and then they wanted to get into your underwear. After that they want to get into your body. But job one, day one, they want to get into your head. These are stages of humiliation designed to strip you of your dignit. yLook at their faces, if YOU seriously believed the next passenger might be an armed and suicidal killer, would you be all relaxed and cheery? If you seriously believed that the next suitcase you open may blow you to Kingdom Come, would you be a Perky Pixie? If you do NOT believe that ……… WHY ARE YOU HERE!?

  35. Kevin says:


  36. AnonyMiss says:

    There is a greater purpose.
    TSA procedure and such educate people to follow orders, be searched by any uniform, not question anything, give up rights.

    Will todays 6-year olds object to illegal searches at age 20, after countless TSA searches? Unlikely.

  37. Georgann Marks says:

    Those of you who said — “I wish I had the nerve [balls] [guts] to say something when going through security” — this is a job left to specific demographics – because young men and women of color would be just fodder for that sadistic machinery.

    WHITE WOMEN – especially older white women have a duty to be the brave ones… to fall on their swords, if you will, for this country.

    I am a white suburban grandmother – self employed, and no record. EVERY time I travel I make a scene.

    I measure just exactly how far to go – I choose wisely which officers to challenge and or humiliate… and I get away with it.

    So will you. But you must have the right ‘credentials’. The ‘enforcement’ class comes from the criminal class. They recognize each other and bully each other.

    The last time I went through Denver airport – when someone ahead of me was being groped – I said quite loudly… ” This is what we get when a Bull Dyke is in charge of security – everybody remember those dyke coaches who hurt your girls in high school!!”

    “Shame on you! Shame! What? you want to see my privates? you pervert?”

    nothing happened to me – but I gave hope and encouragement to dozens who heard me.

    You could hear muttering, laughs, and courageous sounds coming from the cattle behind.

    WE MUST keep up the pressure… we must make scenes… we must push to the point of pushing the buttons on the weakest of their membership.

    Napolitano is a bull dyke for crissakes… why is no one making a point of it when some nasty momma gropes a kid???

    Yell it… shame them…

    But only those with the proper ‘credentials’ will succeed.

    Now go get em!

    If nothing else… when the first one feigns friendly banter … asking “And how’s your day?” in a feeble attempt to make eye contact

    Your answer should be “I don’t know, how big an asshole are you going to be??”

    I’ve said that a half dozen times. The are slack jawed.

  38. […] TSA? This is an article from "WordPress"…sounds like this dude is pissed! Link! First the government says that we need more people who speak Arabic. Then, the TSA handcuffs and […]

  39. sillyp says:

    I would go on to suggest we treat every government employ the same way. Everyone of them make their livelihood by stepping on our unalienable rights. Everyone of them I have ever met has this us against them attitude all the while they take our money. I say we quit paying these thieves to mistreat us.

  40. bj says:

    ANYONE who flys and detests tsa abuses must decide beforehand what they will NOT tolerate and then be willing to NOT FLY!
    It will never cease until people are willing to say NO
    when a patdown becomes a grope.
    I have NO repect for parents who allow it to happen to their children.
    NO flight is worth abusing children!

  41. Markyd says:

    You might consider also consider doing a few things I just recently did. First contact your local airport complaining about the TSA and asking them to take control of security features themselves. In my letter to the Port of Seattle I compared and contrasted the stupidity of the TSA to the professionalism of our border guards with Canada.
    Then, getting no response, I wrote letters to a bunch of airlines that I had flown with before stating that until things got better at SeaTac Airport, I would not be flying out of there, and I thought the airline would want to know since my decision might affect their bottom line.
    Just adding more straws to the camel’s back…

  42. James B says:

    We need to REVOLT period.

    Every day that passes is another day lost in slavery and destruction. If there is ANY hope for our future and the future of OUR CHILDREN WE MUST ACT NOW!!!

    How can we sit idlly by and do nothing as this nation is destroyed and led into captivity for the sole purpose of using OUR LABOR and health to build the chains that bind us. Forget waiting around for a ‘messiah’ to set you free and the sweet by and by. I WANT TO SEE FREEDOM NOW! I WANT TO SEE THE EVIL OF CENTRAL BANKING AND CORRUPT GOVERNANCE DESTROYED TODAY!!!!

    How can people allow their children to be molested in front of them by AGENTS OF OUR GOVERNMENT in the name of TERROR THAT THEY CREATE!!!

    Abolishing the TSA is only ONE of the necessary steps needed to REestablish FREEDOM. Abolishing the Fed, the warmongers that occupy our foreign policy departments, and government that entrenches the greedy and corrupt behind walls created to keep US from exercising OUR HUMAN RIGHT TO BE FREE FROM OPPRESSION.

    If not us, who?
    In not now, when?


  43. simple solution says:

    …just don’t fly for a month! Period! Everybody!

    This,(money)is the only language they speak!

  44. Wondering how I would fair at the airport, seven stents made of titanium steel, and they would have to operate on my right then and there to remove them. Tired of these animals.

  45. TuckTheFSA says:

    every time you go thru TSA security, leave something in your gray tub they will have to throw away.
    * if you do not plan in advance. just a piece of paper will do, or
    * a penny – make them throw away money
    * a small American flag
    * a snot filled kleenex

  46. Travis O'Connor says:

    So when coming back from the grand caymans I got botched at for opening the line up so other people wouldn’t have to walk a mile around an empty line… And yes I got bitched at and searched. When going to by a few days ago I took a snapshot of them groping a 7 year old boy after they sent a 4 year old through a full body scanner (without parental consent). And on my way back today the ripped apart my little brothers suitcase because toothpaste is totally a threat to national security, so being the hateful person I am I surged swearing at them and every time I see one I call them Nazis to their faces. We in America need to remember that we are still somewhat free. And we should use these freedoms to our advantage. I don’t give a god damn if the put me on a list, I’m not hiding anything. They want to search me they can go right ahead. I’ve got nothing to hide. FUCK THE tsa. They’re the lowest form of life.

  47. […] Were you at least a dick to a TSA agent? […]

  48. […] crappy that nobody would agree to do it. The more unpleasant the job becomes—because of the contempt, ridicule, and obloquy of the public—the fewer people will be willing to do it, and the closer we will be to that perfect […]

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