Do women Google men more than men Google women?

By J. DeVoy

The instant a girl is interested in you, regardless of your sex, the r^2 of her or her agents Googling you rapidly reaches 1.  She might do it herself on her laptop, playing with her hair – maybe chewing on it – while searching from link to link, ruling out the ones that aren’t related to you.  Or, when your admirer is gathered with her friends around a cauldron table of cosmopolitans, one of her friends will do the honors on her iPhone, or race home to do it under veil of secrecy, ruthlessly scrutinizing the admirer’s latest interest and using it as yet another metric for inter-group comparison.

There are a number of reasons for this.  The first few are practical – men are larger and on average stronger than women, and thus they seek records or news items potentially related to a violent or criminal past for their own protection.  Sites like Don’t Date Him Girl allow for women to share tales of woe and caution other women against involvement with men named by users.

Most importantly, though, women use this as a tool to verify the desirability of their new interest.  Above all else, women crave status and dominance, and they will forgive shortness, penury and suboptimal looks in return for those factors.  High-profile professions like law and finance feature their valuable human assets on the internet.  Trade and mainstream press may have picked up on his name and accomplishments.  Web sites like Open Secrets reveal his political preferences and how much he was able to give in prior campaigns.  All of these relate to status and intangibles beyond looks and personality, which are readily ascertained in person.

Room for improvement.


In contrast, men don’t care about Googling women.  A woman’s criminal background, even if it could be found online, is unlikely to be an issue when 90% of inmates are male.  Evidence of her sunny disposition and inclination to cook (or lack thereof) is not likely to be found using an internet search.  Sometimes you’ll be able to find information about a girl through Google, but it likely is false – or at least subject to opinion.  Above a certain threshold of attractiveness and compatibility, which entails personality, education and family background, additional information is superfluous: Good for bonus points, but the deal is sealed even without it.

Finally, ignorance is bliss.  You might find out things you never wanted to know about her and run, screaming, in the other direction.

8 Responses to Do women Google men more than men Google women?

  1. D says:

    Is there any data supporting the notion that women use the Google stalk technique more than men? I’d be curious to know the how and the why of gender divisions for Google stalks; as a guy, I personally use that technique (a) any time my contacts with a person have been only electronic – for checking legitimacy or just to see what they look like, and (b) when I suspect someone I know might have an interesting background that can be revealed via their web presence.

  2. Greg Conen says:

    You forgot c)when I’m bored and just curious what pops up. That’s the biggest reason I do it.

    And now, this blog comment is available to anyone who googles my name.

    • D says:

      And now that you mention it, I think (c) is the primary one.

      I make sure not to let my blog comments become part of my Google profile, though – I’m more of a dick in blog comments than in real life.

  3. writerdood says:

    Do men Google their rivals to determine how to best destroy them more than women do?

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  5. Ray says:

    I hit the link to Don’t Date Him Girl in this post and Avast Anti Virus immediately registered a trojan attack.

    Maybe I’m on the list?


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