Frank Lautenberg – Piece of Shit of the day

Haisong Jiang, the guy who slipped past security to kiss his girlfriend goodbye and caused a nationwide mewling coward freakout is facing minor criminal charges. (source) I guess that makes sense. You go past the boundary, there ought to be some penalty.

Of course, asshats and douchebags will never let an incident pass without scoring points with the mewling cowards crowd.

In an interview on Saturday, Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg, of New Jersey, said he was hoping that the United States attorney’s office would consider bringing federal charges because the penalty Mr. Jiang is facing, “is hardly noteworthy and would not discourage people who want to break through the perimeter.”

The senator said the trouble the security breach caused far outweighed the punishment: 1,600 people stuck in the airport for six hours; flights delayed and an “incalculable” loss of money. And then for five days after the incident, New Jersey law enforcement officials searched exhaustively for the man caught on a grainy surveillance video, one which Sen. Lautenberg had released on Thursday.

Yeah, Senator Lautenberg, that’s what the federal government ought to do — devote its resources to destroying the life of a guy who ducked under a rope to kiss his girlfriend goodbye. 1,600 people were not stranded because of Mr. Jiang. Mr. Jiang didn’t cost anyone any money. The manhunt wasn’t because of any real threat — and everyone knew that at the time. The complete flip out was because of pieces of shit like Frank Lautenberg — sleazeballs who play the “coward card” to whip up America’s courage-free denizens into a law-and order crusade any time someone breaks a minor, and idiotic, rule.

Instead of devoting resources to prosecuting Mr. Jiang, we ought to pool our resources to buy 25,000 gallons of liquid feces, and force it down Frank Lautenberg’s throat. Now that would be a good use of federal funds, and it wouldn’t change the interior composition of Senator Lautenberg by one molecule.

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  1. Jay says:

    This is a serious query: Are there any politicians these days who are not pieces of shit? I’m struggling…

    I almost never fly unless I have to. It is simply not worth the aggravation and being treated as though you are both cattle and a criminal. Oh, and the rude airline and flight staff who used to be somewhat nice but now have absolutely no incentive to be anything other than fucking evil asshats — fuck ’em. (By the way, referring to an earlier post, the term asshat has been used for a long time … how dare you think you should have a monopoly? :P ) There is far too much bullshit security for too little gain — perhaps no gain at all. We flew for decades with lax security and had very few incidents. I long for the good ol’ days. Oh, yeah, and bring back smoking on flights.

    Man, I hope someone invents proper teleportation technology. I’ll gladly take the risk turning into Jeff Goldblum if it ends commercial passenger flights. Fuckers. I hate them all. (N.B.: for the benefit of doubt, my statement does not mean I have any intention of harming any airline personnel. I just hope they all go out of business forever due to their overbearing and unnecessary policies.)

  2. Feldman says:

    I really like what Al Franken has to say most of the time. Although I do admit that his stature is somewhat inflated by liberal asshats who flock like sheep to him. It is difficult these days to find a well spoken educated politician who does not cater to well funded special interest groups. The junior Senator from Minnesota will probably ultimately disappoint me once he decides to start collecting money for his reelection war chest but until then I still support him.

    • Feldman, I think you’re right about Franken. Lets face it, senator was a hell of a pay cut for him — and its not like he was just a comedian who decided to get into politics. He was at Kennedy School of Government (for whatever that is worth) before he became a comedian. I think the guy has his head on right, and his ethics in the right place. Lets have a shot of tequila to him staying that way.

  3. Isn’t the real reason that Newark had to shut down and strand people is because a TSA official left his post? Maybe we could have a smoother, less vulnerable clearance process. It seems like that would actually score points with voters.

    But regarding Lautenberg, it seems as if we’re approaching a point where, if you commit a crime, someone will just take you out back and shoot you. I mean, every crime is like a civilization-ending event.

  4. Jonathan Hansen says:

    Hey, I like your suggestion in the last paragraph – it’s on par with the quip that Christopher Hitchens made when Jerry Falwell died: “If you gave him an enema, you could bury him in a matchbox.”…

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