Watch it quick, before one of the NFL’s goons has it taken down.

5 Responses to WTF?

  1. AshyKnucks says:

    This was just one of many terrible calls the Skins have dialed up this season. The strangest thing about this play was that they called the same play (or at least the same formation) the play before and because they were utterly confused by it, the Giants called timeout. One would think that since the gig was clearly up at that point, the Skins would just take the 3 points, but nope. Jim Zorn’s genius strikes again…

  2. blueollie says:

    Background: they lined up this way (with the shift to the swinging gate) the play before and it caused the Giants to call a time out.

    So what you showed was the SECOND TIME they did this shift….

  3. Mark Malek says:

    What you just witnessed is the most horrible team in football….ever – headed up by the most rediculuos excuse for an NFL head coach ever!

  4. blueollie says:

    Mr. Malek: as a Bears fan, I take issue with your saying that the Redskins are the most horrible team in football. :-)

    Example: in the second half of last week’s Raven game, the Bears allowed a long drive in the first 2:30, fumbled the kickoff and gave up another quick TD, and promptly threw an interception that set up a field goal.

  5. STB says:

    Maybe, but this fine example of game play came just two weeks after the Redskins intercepted a pass and still let the other team score on the SAME PLAY.

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