Newdow … again

Sometimes, even I wish that Michael Newdow would give it a rest. He was dead right in his Pledge of Allegiance case. He’s just going nutty with this one.

5 Responses to Newdow … again

  1. Nile says:

    Why is that nutty?

  2. Sometimes I just wish that my atheist friends would realize that not every single utterance of “God” is worth making a federal case out of it.

  3. Jay says:

    I’m waiting for him to take on place names like San Francisco (St. Francis); Santa Cruz (Holy Cross); Santa Fe (Holy Faith); St. Louis (self-evident); Boston (St. Botolph’s town); and Providence (self-evident).
    Of course, I hope he pays his filing fee with checks, rather than by Federal Reserve notes that bear our theistic national motto.

  4. Jay says:

    I agree, but he needs to do it if he’s at all being honest about the offense he takes. It should offend him more that he has to honor the holy faith of St. Francis (Santa Fe) when he writes that city’s name than hearing other folks appeal to a deity in whom he places no belief. [“So help me Gd” doesn’t force him to participate in an auto da fé. If the deity exists, can’t hurt to invoke him. If not, he’s among the elite who get to mock the silly believers. However, when he mentions the capitol of Rhode Island, he has no choice but to invoke the deity himself.]

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