I shaved my balls for this?


My slick and shiny balls

Well, that was fast.

This lawsuit got filed, and before I got to have any real fun with it… the Above the Law Lawsuit was dismissed. I got to write one measly letter.

Shame… I was really hoping to open up this can of whup ass I have lying around. Now what am I gonna do with it?

Hat tip to commenter #9 for the title.

17 Responses to I shaved my balls for this?

  1. rick says:


  2. shg says:

    Well, this certainly takes the fun out of things. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  3. Awesome! Any way you could share some of the highlights of the letter?

  4. ML says:

    Or just post the letter?

    • I believe that doing so would be improper. It was a settlement communication. The case is over. No need to post anything more. Although I have some serious criticism of the decision to file the suit in the first place, everyone is entitled to a mulligan. Professor Jones did rectify his error as quickly as one could, before too much in legal fees got spent. Accordingly, I see no reason to heap anything more than what I’ve already said.

      • D Jones = FAIL says:

        A settlement communication, really? Having read the complaint, if I had sent a letter to the nutty professor prior to filing a MTD, it would have been a sanctions safe-harbor letter under FLS 57.105(4). I’m guessing that’s exactly what you did. On the other hand, I can respect the decision to save D Jones further embarrassment.

      • Dave Hardy says:

        The settlement privilege would prevent the letter being introduced in court — but not its being posted on the internet.

  5. jfischer1975 says:

    Can I make fun of him now?

  6. Eric T. says:

    So where’s the letter?

  7. Nicole Black says:

    Ha. Congrats. You made me laugh. Oh–and good job with the case, too.

  8. Concerned netizen says:

    open the can of whup ass about this: http://www.boingboing.net/2009/11/03/secret-copyright-tre.html

  9. Fantastic! Between this and your anti-Glenn-Beck masterpiece, you are really on a roll. Good work!

  10. […] Jones voluntarily dismissed this case on November 4, 2009.  Congrats to Mr. Randazza. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Suit Against Above the Law Voluntarily Dismissed […]

  11. haha. Sorry you missed out! Maybe next time! You are def. on to something..

  12. […] The combined power of an outspoken legal blogosphere, intense counsel and Google juice is likely the reason University of Miami law professor Donald Jones voluntarily […]

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