New Rule: When your name is a meme, you’ve got to be ridiculous.

You can't file dipshit complaints?  O RLY?

You can't file dipshit complaints? O RLY?

I honestly had to do some fact checking when I found out that there was someone named Orly Taitz. I really had to check snopes when I saw was a frigging nutbag she is. She filed a lawsuit on behalf of a soldier who didn’t want her representing him, she’s the legal face of the “birther” movement, and after being told to stop filing frivolous claims, she immediately filed a motion for reconsideration. (source) The judge didn’t have much of a sense of humor about it (nor should he have). He slapped her with a $20,000 fine. The judge’s order is fun reading.

I dunno, I can think of a few lawyers out there who are just as clueless. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. She’s nuttier than Jack Thompson fucking a football.

4 Responses to New Rule: When your name is a meme, you’ve got to be ridiculous.

  1. Jordan says:

    Should I point out she got her Juris Doctor online from an unaccredited institution. I think you were right when you said some of the American law schools should be bulldozed….but then we might be deprived of crazies like her, and she has provided me with seemingly endless entertainment for months now.

  2. Harry D. Mauron says:

    Wow. Went over to Orly’s site and my head would’ve exploded if could’ve read it at normal speed. Fortunately all the CAPITAL LETTERS made it impossible. Oh, and she’s a dopey looking blonde – not just a meme, a stereotype.

  3. Mike in Norcal says:

    The ‘O RLY’ meme popped up on about a year before Orly started making birther noises. The only way it could have been a better meme adoption would have been if her name was either “Tubgirl” or “Goatse”.

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