One Nation “Under God” in Picture Book Form

This is all kinds of awesome. Use the scroll over function.

I found this at Shit Planet. That blog brings us the eternal question, which is more amusing? The Legal Satyricon or watching a guy shove his own balls up his own ass?

7 Responses to One Nation “Under God” in Picture Book Form

  1. TomMil says:

    Is Abe Lincoln singing “Mammie”?

  2. cpmondello says:

    Pregnant woman made me laugh…

  3. jlynne says:

    OMG. That needs a warning AND a disclaimer. When I read it, I really didn’t take it as a literal reference. Now I need mind bleach.

  4. jlynne says:

    oh, and the first part was freakin’ hilarious!

  5. Todd says:

    Another version of that picture found by a pharyngulite

  6. metasonix says:

    You’re welcome, Marc. PS, your blog is worthy of my bookmark, simply because I like your attitude, and 99% of all blogs are idiot garbage anyway. So, don’t be garbage.

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