It’s official… The Nobel Prizes have lost all significance

They gave the prize to who?  WHO?  I don't recall anyone approving a Nobel Prize for political advertising.

You know what would be cool? If I could use my fortune to establish a prize for doing nothing! Imagine it... 'And the Nobel Prize for doing Jack Shit goes to..... .

by Jason Fischer

Maybe I’m just too young to realize that it’s always been effed up this way, but when I was a kid, I used to think it meant something to hear that someone had won a Nobel Prize. Now it is clearly just a leftist love fest with no real accomplishment value whatsoever.

Congratulations, President Obama, on your meaningless award that you got for playing basketball with the boys in the White House instead of bowling giving the world hope. Great Success!! High Five!!

26 Responses to It’s official… The Nobel Prizes have lost all significance

  1. Jay Wells says:

    Another sore loser Republican. Is it Obama’s fault that the world now respects the USA? Or is it to his credit?

    It’s time to grow up, Jason.

  2. Kathleen Casey says:

    Close to what I think. I haven’t noticed Obama do anything. Nelson Mandela, for one example. He suffered. He sacrficed. He did things.

  3. Prangl says:

    Very incisive political analysis, Jason. Maybe you should be on tv? LOL.

    It’s hilarious to watch the wingnut heads exploding over this. They just can’t accept that they lost the election, and couldn’t steal it like they did in 2000.

  4. Davis says:

    I think the Nobel Peace Prize just seems more meaningful when you’re a kid. Looking back through the laureates with the cynicism of age, I see it’s been a pretty mixed bag all along (I don’t exactly associate Kissinger with promoting the cause of peace, either).

  5. Jozef says:

    The Nobel for Peace was awarded to the likes of Arafat and Gore, and the Prize lost any significance to you only now?!

  6. Adam Thierer says:

    But Obama drinks beer in the Rose Garden to bring about peace and harmony among men!

  7. ParaGate says:

    Agreeing and smiling!

  8. I gave a lot of money to the Obama campaign. I gave my time to the Obama campaign. Hell, I made my poor wife “hold it” for four days (delaying the birth of my daughter) so that I could be available to the campaign.

    Lets face it, he ran a great campaign.

    And since taking office… he’s done jack shit. If you haven’t seen this SNL skit, it says it all.

    Jesus christ… it would be more appropriate to give the prize to me. At least I disproved Dean Wormer. Fat, drunk, and stupid is actually a mighty fine way to go through life.

  9. Warbler says:

    Take a look at this thought.

    This guy makes a good point. Domestically, Obama has played basketball and knocked back a few beers, but in terms of the global perception of the US, he has made some pretty big strides. Being able to have productive international dialog again is definitely important. Worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize? Maybe not, but both Kissinger and Teddy Roosevelt won it before, and Gandhi did not…so the bar is not set particularly high.

  10. blueollie says:

    Awwww, pooor widdle Republicans?

    Face facts: the Nobel Committee was sending as message to YOU Republicans: America wasn’t hated. YOU were hated, and you aren’t in charge any longer! :)

    (now you know how I felt when Bonzo was President…)

  11. Happy when the US loses the Olympics and mad when a sitting President wins the Nobel Peace Prize. What the hail?

  12. Prangl says:

    I’m an Obama supporter and I agree he shouldn’t have gotten it. So what does it mean that he did? That the world is happy to have an intelligent, sane leader in America. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize was premature, but he certainly deserves Rookie of the Year honors.

    • I’ll agree with that. If they wanna give him “Rookie of the Year” or better yet, give America “most improved leadership”, then I’ll take that.

  13. Windypundit says:

    The science prizes are still pretty meaningful. Most of those guys did some good work.

  14. blueollie says:

    The Peace Prizes are still meaningful; one “bad” (premature?) award doesn’t spoil them all. After all, I read this blog post and STILL think that having a law degree and passing a bar exam is a meaningful accomplishment. :-)

  15. mike says:

    Sure one bad one doesn’t invalidate them all, but I’m not sure you can say one bad one with a straight face.

    Even if Al Gore performed the worlds greatest service for the enviornment with his climate change talks, that had NOTHING todo with peace. A lot of people don’t like Arafat’s name on the award either. Perhaps Gandhi perhaps deserves one and never got one. etc….

  16. At least Al Gore made a movie and went on speaking tours and raised awareness. Kissinger at least helped create a detente with Russia and helped create ceasefire in Vietnam.

    It feels like this is more a recognition of who Obama is and what he represents than on any substantive deeds. It’s a measure of how he changed the perception of America in the world, based almost entirely on his personality. The Nobel Peace Prize shouldn’t be a popularity contest. At least, not merely a popularity contest…

    • mike says:

      I’d say the Peace prize would be MUCH more effective if it was the opposite of a popularity contest. If they found some guy (perhaps some tribal leader in Darfor or Pakistan) who was acting as a voice of reason, who nobody knows about. Giving him $1.4 Million plus raising awareness of his work would be infinitely more valuble to world peace than recognizing somebody who everybody already recognizes.

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  18. fred arnold says:

    He’s a good president, and the world’s perspective is better than the Republican’s greedy views. Thanks for the whinepost, now suck on it. Healthcare reform, bitches, healthcare reform.

  19. Too Safe says:

    Surprised Obama awarded NBA Rookie of the Year Honors

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