Glenn Beck’s WIPO Complaint

wipo logoA very interesting case that Marc is handling.

He filed this Response (don’t forget the annexes) to Glenn Beck’s Complaint (exhibits included) yesterday.

UPDATE: He has requested that Mr. Beck stipulate to the First Amendment applying to these proceedings. I will update you when Beck responds.


Glenn Beck filed a supplemental filing.
The Arbitrator accepted it and asked for a surreply.
The surreply — (and the exhibits to it)

Marc asked that LS’s editors/writers publish no further commentary on the case until a decision is rendered. However, there is commentary and analysis here.

He has further asked that any comments to this post should be respectful to both Mr. Beck and his attorneys.

25 Responses to Glenn Beck’s WIPO Complaint

  1. Harry D. Mauron says:

    Very nice job on the pleadings. Novel arguments both sides. Fairly unconventional choice, knowing Beck.

  2. notglennbeck says:

    Deleted: We said to be nice

  3. […] Glenn Beck’s lawyer has at last officially denied that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, but the denial is buried in paragraph 35 of a complaint filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center, linked to at the Legal Satyricon. […]

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  5. ES says:

    A fantastic job in that response. Absolutely fantastic. I really hope this gets some traction and makes the news cycle.

  6. justin says:

    It’s funny that GB would file a suit with an international body- I wonder what he thinks of the UN, or the thingy up in The Hague…

  7. Ryan says:

    You learn something new everyday.

    Today’s lesson — “Internet meme”

  8. I really liked Marco’s response. Cleanly written, informative, logical, interesting to read. Great stuff.

  9. bravo says:

    Brilliant work, Mr. Randazza. Bravo.

  10. herbiethelovebug says:

    Typical “Libertarian” Hypocrisy —
    Truly unbelievable, ironic and outrageously hypocritical of Beck – the self-proclaimed defender of the individual in the long struggle against the evil, international institutions of the world and the corrupt tools of government – to file such an action in such a forum, seeking to use an international/quasi-governmental institution to squash the individual’s rights to free expression and opinion. So typical of so-called ‘libertarians,’ and republicans in general. They are in reality all in favor of government control of people they believe should be controlled, like women who want to have the right to control their bodies, or people who want the freedom to marry whom they choose, or little internet memes who want to skewer bombastic, sanctimonious, self-righteous public figures……

    • I’m not sure that your attack on all “Libertarians” is accurate. I’d consider myself to be one, as would a few other authors here, and I don’t think your charges would stick to us.

  11. […] If you are interested in following the legal wrangling on this, here is an excellent web page. Close Bookmark and Share This Page Save to Browser Favorites / […]

  12. Marta Randall says:

    “Moron in a hurry.” *That’s* going into my next Trademark Office response brief.

  13. […] the domain name GLENNBECKRAPEDANDMURDEREDAYOUNGGIRLIN1990.COM. Glenn Beck then filed a UDRP. Registrant’s response (linked to here) explains why the domain name is funny, and why Beck’s interviewing technique is not. Share […]

  14. Andrew says:

    Would the case be different if the site URL were named

    WIPO as far as i know only covers domain names (the section to the left of right most segment), the rest of the domain name can be anything. In fact, many sites use wildcard domains that match anything, so you can put [yourfavoritewordhere]

  15. How did I know you would be involved in this!!! I have been following this case for weeks! You are my hero Marco!

  16. Halcyon 1L says:

    What a great read :) thanks

  17. moosedressingbarbie says:

    GB is a boob…albeit a rich one…none the less, all boob.

  18. Chris_Wilson says:


    Thank you for your hard work on this case and your passionate defense of the First Amendment. Hopefully Glenn Beck’s attempt to rape and murder the First Amendment in 2009 will not come to fruition.

  19. Chris_Wilson says:

    Marc’s interview with Ed Brayton on his show “Declaring Independence” is at:

  20. […] to the photo of Streisand’s mansion appearing all over the Internet.)  As scholars before me have noted, this sort of tactic, be it a lawsuit or secretly buying a warehouse-worth of books, is so […]

  21. […] censorship, Marc has gone hush-hush on his usually outspoken blog, The Legal Satyricon, and asks his readers to “be respectful to both Mr. Beck and his attorneys.” Well played.  [Ad […]

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