Online UDRP

I finally took a stab at filing a UDRP proceeding with the Czech Arbitration Court (my previous go-to was WIPO, and I’d never use NAF). What attracted me? Online filing! It is about time that someone recognizes that UDRP proceedings are a 21st century phenomenon, and perhaps they should be handled as such. Accordingly, imagine my joy when I found that the CAC takes its filings electronically!

Oh, but you still have to send four copies of the complaint via courier.

Well, so much for my delight.

It still seems a little easier. There is an online case management platform. I will continue to post reviews of the process.

One Response to Online UDRP

  1. PraetoR says:

    In the Czech Republic you can also bring an action to the state courts online. And if you have state-registered email (on state-run servers), the authorities have to communicate only through that, sending paper letters would’t have any legal effect…

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