Twitter is Stupid, Give Up

I have been thinking about composing a piece on why Twitter is stupid, but making money got in the way of that. And, in the meantime, someone else wrote the perfect piece. See Devin Coldeway, Why I Don’t Use Twitter.

In your face, Fischer!

10 Responses to Twitter is Stupid, Give Up

  1. KWW says:

    @World – just read post where Randazza thinks Twitter is stupid. I agree. Going to lunch now.

  2. Clint says:

    Keep shaking your fists at new media. The TV is for smut, all rock n roll is noise, the internet is just for porn, facebook is useless, and social networking is the devil! shake that fist harder! Get off my lawn!

  3. Ron Coleman says:

    Well, yeah. If you characterize Twitter in the most way the most thick-headed use it, his argument makes perfect sense. And indeed too many Twitter evangelists absolutely match the parody. Tweeting to everyone, or tweeting about “what you’re doing” — really, actually doing that — is vain, and a waste of time and attention.

    But Twitter is in fact a great way to broadcast blog posts and breaking, and a degree of abbreviated discussion about relevant topics, to a wisely developed audience (you must provide the wisdom) that is barely, if at all, bound to any platform, time or place and which is incredibly dynamic in terms of real time. cleared out my first grossly maxed-out (“alpha male”) group of followers, as well as my addiction to mindless tweeting with all manner of humanity, but after a break I was able slowly to rebuild a following — an audience for what I have to say, and to sell — based on a focused use of Twitter and selection of my own “friends” based on a conception of a targeted audience.

    His complaint about the 140-character limit is silly. If you can’t make some damned point — enough to make me want to at least consider following up — in 140 characters, then, right, you have no use for Twitter. But I wonder just how much use the social media of the future, whatever they are, will have for you.

    That leads to the next point: He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself. That’s great. I don’t either, really. No, really. I don’t want you to know where I live, what I’m eating for supper, my kids’ names and ages, or any of that. But I do want to draw attention to my professional practice so I can support all that, and, not having come into the world complete with a referral network or the skills necessary to submit to the big firm life style, drawing attention to what I do and the kick-ass way I do it is something I simply have to find the time to do. Keeping my reptilian brain at bay is a challenge, but dig I must: Getting the message of my brilliance, humanity and excellent value is a matter of survival for me.

    I can’t give you stats, unfortunately — there’s a limit! — but anecdotally, I can tell you that this second time around, Twitter has raised my blog’s page views and my Google and other Net recognition factors immensely in the last few months. I am on the radar of meaningful Internet opinion leaders in a new and better way, and, yes, the phone is ringing and the emails are grooving.

    It’s not enough, I need more, it’s a constant struggle, man was born to toil — but any new medium I can utilize to get out the word and rope in the links and the retainers… works. It takes discipline and focus, you have to be prepared to shake off the ideologues, hustlers and loudmouths, you have to ignore invitations to grow follower numbers just for the hell of it (utter idiocy) — but I am telling you, it really can work.

  4. janelle says:

    I don’t know, Clint. I just read your Tweets and they seem to really support the point of the article. No hate, just sayin’.

  5. jfischer1975 says:

    everbudy be hatin’

  6. Clint says:

    @Janelle: And if I read your blog and didn’t care what what you said, would that then give me the ability to say all blogging is a waste of time? Nope. You can’t judge a medium by 1 person’s message, no matter what the medium is. Nice try, though :)

  7. Jen S says:

    Agree 100%. Hate Twitter. Love Shit My Dad Says.

  8. Ron Coleman says:

    I decided Randazza turns out to be wrong. He’s just a reactionary Luddite.

  9. Tweeting is for the birds.

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