“Among the finest in the community”

Randall Moye:  Now this here bwah is from a fiiine family.

Now this here bwah is from a fiiine family.

An attorney representing Randall John Moye, 14, argued that his client should not be charged as an adult. After all, in his 14 years of life, he hadn’t yet gotten into any trouble. Moye’s mother, Jeanne Myers, testified that her son wanted to go to college one day. The attorney also said “his client’s family is among the finest in the community.” (source)

Apparently, here in Flori-duh, the “finest in the community” ass-rape little boys with hockey sticks. I shudder to think what the families of lesser quality are doing right now.

In some places “college” is slang for “prison.” I wonder if Mr. Moye and his friends will actually attend college, in the slang sense, where they too can learn what it feels like to be forcibly sodomized.

3 Responses to “Among the finest in the community”

  1. Ken says:

    Presumably the boys of the hoi-paloi families rape little boys with broken domestic beer bottles and boards pulled from the windows of their foreclosed homes.

    This young man’s lawyer wants him to be able to go on to college, so that some day he may learn to rape little boys with lacrosse sticks, and the family will really have arrived.

  2. What a dumb argument to make. Who are the parents, I wonder?

  3. J.M.G says:

    There was a pretty long (and decent) discussion about this case over at the Top Law School forums, if you’re interested.


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