Let Women Compete in Olympic Ski Jumping

Until I saw this video, I didn’t know two important facts (and one lesser fact):

  1. There is no womens’ ski jumping in the Olympics.
  2. The best ski jumper in the world is a woman.
  3. The justification for excluding women from Olympic ski jumping is a belief that the woman’s uterus might fall out.

Sign the petition at http://www.wsj2010.com to let the women compete.

Right is right and fair is fair

Right is right and fair is fair

H/T: Feminist Law Professors

8 Responses to Let Women Compete in Olympic Ski Jumping

  1. DOMINO says:

    It’s so absurd.

  2. jesschristensen says:

    Wow, eugenics all over again. Has anyone’s uterus ever fallen out as a result of ski jumping? You’d a think we’d heard about that.

  3. I’d at least want photos.

  4. DOMINO says:

    I saw a video of a guys rectum prolapsing while weightlifting. Why don’t they ban that too?

  5. OMG, you HAD to go there!!!!

    But, alas, the “prolapsed rectum” story is false. So sayeth SNOPES.

  6. DOMINO says:


  7. […] No, just kidding. but watch this video and then read this. […]

  8. Tanner Andrews says:

    I’m not at all sure that this is out of character for the IOC. Historically, they have been corrupt and incompetent, and were they to change now it would be out of character.

    The real question is why we give these people the benefit of our laws. You cannot call something “olympic”, no matter if it comes from an appropriately named city. You cannot have the “BLUNGE olympics” if the olympic committee disapproves, which they generally do if BLUNGE is replaced by a disfavored minority.

    Worse, we cater to these creeps, spending tax money on huge monuments intended for single uses during the games. We wine and dine these parasites at taxpayer expense in order to lure them to our cities. And then we render the cities unusable for a couple of months, all at great and unreimbursed cost to the taxpayers whose jobs (if not suspended along with paychecks for the duration) are disrupted.

    Somehow I’m not shocked that they’re offering such a defense. Uterus will fall out, indeed. Such a thing seems entirely in character.

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