Enrico Schaefer: FTW!

I’ve always liked trademark attorney Enrico Schaefer, though we’ve only “met” via email. I mean, I’m not about to go to Traverse City, Michigan to have a beer with the guy.

Well, after reading this story, I think that it might be worth the trip – even in the winter.

Every lawyer has that one adversary whose uber-doucheness makes you want to smack them upside the head. Enrico, the founding partner of Traverse Legal has one too. Instead of getting mad, he just bought some billboard space outside the douche’s office!

The best part? According to Schaefer, the douches threatened to run him out of town – yet most of the companies logos on that billboard are companies that were formerly represented by the “annoying law firm!” Go Enrico, Go!

Enrico FTW!

Enrico FTW!

Can anyone recommend a billboard company in Barcelona?

One Response to Enrico Schaefer: FTW!

  1. Enrico S. says:

    Marc: You don’t have to come in the winter (which is almost over here BTW). The summer will be here in about 6 weeks and last almost two after that.

    I had some reservation about putting this up and escalating the non-sense. But then I figured, WTF? If you can’t have fun with it, then what’s the point? Besides, they already threatened to run me out of town, ensure my failure and beat me up. So what is a little billboard between colleagues?

    Did I mention that many of the companies on the sign used to be represented by them and they were the first, and until I came along, only IP firm in town? Maybe I should just start competing locally for real …

    Thanks for the shout out and support. See you on lake Michigan with that cute baby of yours mid-summer when it is time to escape the Florida heat…

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