Is Barney Frank a Neo-Libertarian?

Barney Frank doing his best Red Auerbach impersonation.

Barney Frank doing his best Red Auerbach impersonation.

Huffington Post reports:

There’s freedom, and then there’s “total freedom,” Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told a right-wing news service,, on Friday, engaging the outlet in a debate about personal responsibility.

For Frank, the free exercise of individual choice is legitimate, and should be made legal, as long as those decisions don’t harm the broader population. “I would let people gamble on the Internet,” Frank said. “I would let adults smoke marijuana. I would let adults do a lot of things, if they choose.”

That freedom ends when individual liberty imperils the global economic structure, he said. “But allowing them total freedom to take on economic obligations that spill over into the broader society? The individual is not the only one impacted here, when bad decisions get made in the economic sphere, it causes problems.”

Frank’s formulation echos the libertarian credo that one person’s freedom to swing a fist ends where another’s nose begins. (source)

I have always liked Barney Frank. I do wish he would take a lot more responsibility for his part in the economic meltdown, but I still like the guy. Maybe he is on to something here.

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7 Responses to Is Barney Frank a Neo-Libertarian?

  1. I love that photo of Barney Frank.

  2. Hugo B says:

    Your comment is right on…I like him a lot; wish he had the balls to take more of the blame – he certainly has the smarts and credibility to bear that load.

  3. Eric Dondero says:

    Problem is he’s Pro-Fascist on foreign policy. Barney never met a foreign dictator he didn’t absolutely luuuuv: Saddam Hussein, Chavez, Castro, Achmadenejad, the Taliban,

    • That really is one of the dumbest comments ever left on this blog. Go to the dictionary and look up the big words you used. Then, go use some credible sources (not The Free Republic) and see if you have any support for the statement that he a) embraced Hussein or the Taliban.

  4. hawkhead says:


  5. L Ron Hubbub says:

    “Your comment is right on…I like him a lot; wish he had the balls to take more of the blame”

    Unfortunately his balls are on some young page’s chin….

    He needs scientology

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