Mowing the Feminine “Lawn”

By Tatiana von Tauber

Well, if this commercial isn’t a testament to the fact that some people can have a whole lot of fun with sex, genital trimming, and gender stereotyping then nothing is.

As any women, I sat with my jaw somewhat dropped thinking “WTF?!” but as the commercial progressed and keeping in mind the huge discussion here on LS and a great contribution by sex therapist Dr. Marty Klein about shaving down there, be it mound or balls, I couldn’t help to laugh out loud. This commercial is great, especially the line “So all that’s left for me to see are tulips on the mound.”   Perhaps I’ve just acquired the male sense of humor.  I don’t know.  I about fell off my chair in laughter.

It punches those who can’t handle a little fun with sexuality or the various shapes of mound trimming but to others it’s certainly a fun, creative and silly example of how much more fun we could have about sexuality if we get over those hangups about it.

So glad I belong in that group. And yeah, it’s a lot of fucking fun. Figuratively speaking, of course.

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2 Responses to Mowing the Feminine “Lawn”

  1. Acro says:

    Fantastic! :D
    I think you’ll appreciate this video as well:

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